Apple Seeks Trademark on "OS X" By Itself

AppleInsider dredged up 6 month old trademark applications by Apple indicating that they were seeking trademark protection for the term "OS X" without the word "Mac" preceding it.

The Cupertino-based company initially filed for its trademark in Trinidad and Tobago less than a week after the June 2008 conference, where lobby banners first indicated a split where Apple would distinguish between OS X Leopard, the version of its operating system for traditional computers, and OS X iPhone, the modified platform that supports both its namesake cellphone and the iPod touch.

The filing is not particularly revealing as it's been clear since WWDC that Apple has been separating out OS X into "OS X Leopard" and "OS X iPhone". It simply reinforces the fact that Apple has applications for OS X outside of the Mac platform.

The U.S. trademark for the "OS X" term was filed in November 2008.