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Apple's Black Friday Sales Begin Around the World

Apple's Black Friday sales have begun around the world in their New Zealand store and Australia stores. The sales show modest discounts similar to previous years.

The only Macs that are on sale include the iMac and the MacBook. When translated to U.S. dollars, the discounts appear to be about $100 for mid-to-high end MacBooks and iMacs and about $50 for the entry level models. These discounts are consistent with last year's Black Friday sale and also consistent with whispers we've heard. If it holds true for U.S. pricing, it also dashes unfounded analyst predictions that Apple would offer 15% discounts.

Apple is also providing discounts on the iPod nano, iPod classic and iPod touch as well as discounts on a number of accessories.

We previously detailed sales at online retailers on Macs, and will post an update with more Black Friday deals tonight.

Update: Final Black Friday sales have been posted with deals from retailers up to $300 off the MacBook Pro.

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