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Black Friday Discounts on Macs Have Begun

MacMall has announced their Black Friday sale which will runs from now until midnight P.T. on Friday, November 28th. Last year's MacMall sale delivered some of the largest discounts available online. This year, however, MacMall faces stiff competition from BestBuy who is offering a number of $100-$150 instant discounts on Macs. This compares favorably to MacMall which tends to combine both instant discounts and rebates.

As usual, it can be difficult to sort through the full list of discounts which confusingly intermix both old and current inventory.

This summary chart, however, lists the discounts on current Macs from both retailers with the "best" deal highlighted and product linked in bold.

Note: BestBuy Links removed since their sale is over

Current ModelRetailMacMall*Amazon*
13" White MacBook$999-$100-$79
13" 2GHz MacBook$1299-$119-$80
13" 2.4GHz MacBook$1599-$149-$130
15" 2.4GHz MB Pro$1999-$200-$200
15" 2.5Ghz MB Pro$2499-$250-$210
17" 2.5GHz MB Pro$2799-$250-$230
1.6GHz MacBook Air$1799-$149-$55
1.8GHz SSD MacBook Air$2499-$179-$130
20" 2.4GHz iMac$1199-$119-$55
20" 2.6GHz iMac$1499-$129-$80
24" 2.8GHz iMac$1799-$159-$142
24" 3.06GHz iMac$2199-$159---
Mac Pro 2.8GHz$2799-$250-$284
Click on prices to link directly to product

For those willing to buy previous-generation Macs, discounts can be significant compared to their original retail prices (example, $1149 for original MacBook Air), but requires a bit more research to balance the cost saving vs. buying older technology.

Apple may offer some slight discounts on products for their own Black Friday sale, though historically these have only been up to $100 on a few select models.

* Combines instant + mail-in rebates.
MacMall and BestBuy are site affiliate partners and sales benefit MacRumors financially

Update: Amazon prices added.

Update 2: BestBuy's sale over.

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