Over 1 Million NBC Downloads Since Return to iTunes

One of the major announcements during last week's media event was the return of NBC shows to the iTunes Store. NBC reportedly accounted for 40% of iTunes video sales prior to their removal late last year.

Hollywood Reporter reveals that over 1 million NBC iTunes downloads have been logged since the studio's return on September 9th. Some of those downloads may have been free HD episodes which are currently available from iTunes.

A list of all free HD iTunes episodes provided by TUAW include:

- He That Believeth in Me - Battlestar Galactica, Season 4
- Fun Runs, Pts. 1 & 2 - The Office, Season 4
- Lipstick Jungle: Pilot - Lipstick Jungle, Season 1
- Four Months Later... - Heroes, Season 2
- Pilot - In Plain Sight, Season 1
- Mr. Monk Buys a House - Monk, Season 7
- Ghosts - Psych, Season 3
- Merit Badge: Pilot - Life, Season 1
- Bad to the Drone - Eureka, Season 3

NBC's fall season will kick off next week for many of its popular shows including The Office and Heroes.