iTunes 8: HD TV Shows, Grid View, Genius Playlists, NBC [Now Available]

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Image from Engadget

As expected, Apple revealed iTunes 8 today during their "Let's Rock" media event. iTunes 8 offers a number of new features including:

- Support for High Definition TV shows
- $1.99 for Standard Definition episodes
- $2.99 for High Definition episodes
- Genius playlists: automatically find similar songs in your collection
- Available today

Apple also announced that NBC has returned to iTunes, so popular shows such as Heroes and The Office will be available.

iTunes is available at Clicking on the download link will download iTunes 8 (though it's still labeled as iTunes 7.7). iTunes 8 requires QuickTime 7.5.5 which was also released today.

Update: The new visualizer is available as "iTunes Visualizer".

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