Apple Notebook Updates on October 14th? 120GB MacBook Air HDD?

Apple's "Let's Rock" media event yesterday refreshed their entire iPod line. When asked about the lack of Mac news in an interview, Jobs pointed out it was a music focused event. Many readers, however, are anxiously awaiting the new notebook revisions that have been rumored.

DaringFireball now claims that Apple will be releasing new notebooks on October 14th according to sources "familiar with Apple's hardware plans." This timeframe fits into recent expectations of a more staggered release, and recent hints to resellers that notebook refreshes would have to wait until October.

While both the MacBook and MacBook Pro are overdue for revisions, the MacBook Air has also been rumored to see imminent updates. Besides new versions of the MacBook Air's custom Intel processor, Apple now has access to upgraded miniature hard drives for use in the slim laptop.

The new 120GB iPod Classic shares the same single-platter hard drive form factor that is also used in the MacBook Air. Prior to the availability of the 120GB part, the MacBook Air had been limited to a maximum hard drive size of 80GB. The MacBook Air should now be able to accommodate the higher 120GB hard drive size.

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