Mac Notebook and iPod Updates in September?

AppleInsider claims that Apple resellers have received notice that MacBook, MacBook Pro and iPod supplies will become constrained in the coming weeks. Apple expects to decrease production of these models and, as a result, Apple is recommending that resellers stock up on supplies now to last them through August.

Based on past experiences and knowledge of their own inventory sell-through, those resellers who received the bulletin believe the notice is a strong indicator that Apple will begin introducing its holiday consumer electronics and Mac offerings sometime in early to mid-September.

Apple has refreshed their iPod lineup in September for the past 2 years and is widely expected to do the same again this year. Apple's free iPod Touch Back to School promotion coincidentally ends on September 15th.

Rumored possibilities include a new iPod touch, "tall" iPod nano, MacBook with glass trackpad, newly designed MacBook Pros, and, of course, a Mac tablet.

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