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Apple Confirms 8am Retail Launch of iPhone 3G

Despite some mixed signals at their retail meeting last night, Apple has now updated their retail website at, indicating that the iPhone 3G will be launched at 8 a.m. at Apple retail stores on July 11th.

AT&T had previously announced an 8 a.m. launch time for the iPhone 3G launch, but we had not had official word from Apple. 8 a.m. is earlier than either of the retail shops typically open.

AppleInsider offers some additional tidbits from the retail meeting that took place on Sunday night. Of interest:

- Valid ID required. Social Security Number for those who are new to AT&T.
- It remains unclear how existing non-iPhone AT&T will be processed.
- Business customers must go to an AT&T store.
- FamilyTalk plan buyers must purchase at least 2 iPhones, or have an existing iPhone to be used in the plan.
- More details expected throughout the week.