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iPhone 3G Launch Day Starts Early, More International Pricing

The iPhone 3G will launch on July 11th in 20 countries worldwide. More details have been trickling in about launch times and pricing:

- According to, the UK's O2 stores will open at 7am on July 11th to begin selling the iPhone 3G. O2 will be limiting sales to one per customer.
- AT&T announced yesterday that U.S. AT&T stores would be opening at 8am to launch Apple's latest phone.
- New Zealand is said to be kicking off their sales at 12:01am local time. This translates into 5am Pacific, 8am Eastern, and 1pm London time on July 10th.
- International rate plans have been released for the Netherlands, Switzerland, and Hong Kong.
- Photo of an iPhone 3G "in the wild" taken in Mexico City.

Apple has not yet announced the time they will be opening their retail stores on launch day, but they are holding a briefing with retail stores on July 6th about the process. MacRumors readers are continuing to organize local meetups for launch day.

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