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3G iPhone To Include GPS, Be Only Slightly Thicker

Engadget reports that Apple's forthcoming 3G capable iPhone will incorporate a GPS module but be only slightly thicker than the current generation model.

Engadet's visual description of the device largely mirrors that given by iPod Observer earlier this month that depict a more rounded phone with a glossy black back, but adds that the much-despised recessed headphone jack will be replaced by a jack flush with the device body.

Image courtesy iPod Observer

The 3G iPhone is largely expected to be introduced at this year's WWDC conference, with probable shipping in July. Engadget is not typically a source of original Apple rumors, but claims this information comes from a "trusted source" who has had first hand experience with one.

Analysts have suggested that June 9th will be the launch date for the 3G iPhone at Apple's Worldwide Developers' Conference.