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3G iPhone with Glossy Black Back?

iPodObserver posted an image that they claim represents what the rumored 3G iPhone will look like:

Apparently the new iPhone will also sport a glossy black back, replacing the satin nickel look found on the current model.

If's source is correct, the redesigned iPhone back also drops the black plastic end piece that covers the antenna, and it appears that Apple will continue to offer an 8GB model.

iPodObserver is not a typical rumor source, so we're uncertain about the reliability of their sources.

"Leaked" photos rarely turn out to be legitimate, but this one has already generated a lengthy debate in our forums. Due to the attention it has received, we are posting this for interest alone, and do not necessarily believe it represents a true leak. Some of the initial comments suggested it may have simply been a Colorware custom iPhone or a custom replacement back. Neither of these options, however, completely replace the bottom plastic portion of the iPhone as shown in the photo.

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116 months ago
I ran across this pic on web. Wow that looks HOT!

The blog I found it on: (
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105 months ago

Yep, this is eather the first custom cover to also replace the bottom half of the back iPhone case, a normal custom cover picture thats been Photoshoped or just a normal Photoshoped iPhone pic. I think its one of the last 2... That seems most likley

Eather way, this is a obvious fake, Apple would never make this, it looks like the quality of a crappy Chinese knock-off.

Let me set this streight... If this was a real leaked photo, Apple would have pulled it from thr net. Period. They would NOT leak it themselves for any reason. Apple take leaks seriously, when they were doing the iPhone (before it was announced) the hardware and software departments worked completley sepratly, they didnt share any infomation or anything, all in the interest of secracy.

Thats because many people have just descovered the joy of messing with fake iPhone pictures in Photoshop! I would join in too but I am to poor to afford Photoshop :(

You know what that means!?!?!? iPhone Nano FTW!

And that makes you.......

Rating: 2 Votes
116 months ago

That cartoony black/white combination seems too tacky for apple, even if I were to believe this was not a fake.

The black Macbook sports that very look...
Rating: 1 Votes
116 months ago
If that's a mockup it's a bloody good one.
Rating: 1 Votes
116 months ago
Hmm. 8GB only?
Rating: 1 Votes
116 months ago

Pleaaaase no more glossy stuff to scratch. For the love of God.

This comming from Gloss
Irony? :cool:
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104 months ago

After reading through the entire thread i will have to agree with the majority that it is a fake!

I'm an idiot!
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116 months ago

I ran across this pic on web. Wow that looks HOT!

The blog I found it on: (

while i can pretty much say thats a mock-up, it looks pretty tight. may be just a custom case someone put on theirs, i know there are company who will do custom case redesigns but i've never seen one like this
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71 months ago
If you look at the first page of post you'll notice mostly everyone thinks is a mock-up, a fake, also un apple like even though it was the real thing. Sorry for bumping an old post.
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