Apple Researching Laser-Based Head Mounted Display

183520 head 300

Hrmpf reports on an interesting new patent application from Apple published today. "Head Mounted Display System" describes a method for display images within a goggle-like headset that is worn by the user.

While these headset displays already exist, Apple describes decoupling a "laser engine" from the goggles itself. Instead, it is a separate piece which generates the laser light which is piped into the headset. This helps reduce the bulk of the goggles themselves.

"A user simply plugs their handheld video player such as the iPod manufactured by Apple Computer of Cupertino, Calif., into the compact laser engine attached to their belt, and places the headset on their head. The user then selects a video to be played at the handheld video player (viewing through transparent display elements)."

Apple notes that when the unit is not being used for playing video "no images are being created and thus the display unit acts just like glasses." In fact, they suggest that the headset could even include lenses and actually double as daily-wear glasses.

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