Now Apple's. MacBook Air in Stores Friday?

The domain is now in the hands of Apple. had registered it ahead of Macworld in anticipation of the MacBook Air release. As promised, we handed it over to Apple when asked. However, this does demonstrate that Apple does not necessarily register domains of upcoming products even when they are freely available. Curiously, our domain registration actually triggered a number of actual MacBookAir domain registrations by Apple.

Meanwhile, Looprumors claims that Apple Stores will be revising their store's window and floor displays on Thursday night in preparation for the MacBook Air. While this conflicts with earlier BoyGeniusReport claims of a Tuesday/Wednesday launch, we've also heard confirmation that this Friday is the target day for MacBook Air displays/demos at Apple Retail Stores.

A Friday launch would also correspond with the arrival of MacBook Airs to those who ordered it immediately after the keynote address.

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