Mac Pro (Early 2008) Notes and Options

Today Apple released the long awaited Mac Pro updates a week ahead of Macworld Expo. Similarly, in June, Apple released MacBook Pro updates only 6 days before the WWDC 2007 Keynote. A few notes gathered about the new Mac Pros:

- Today's Mac Pro is called "Mac Pro (Early 2008)" in Apple support documents.
- Full Specs and Manual (PDF) have been posted.
- New Mac Pros are already in retail Apple Stores.
- While Apple has standardized on 8-Core Mac Pros as the "base" model, they actually do offer a single 2.8GHz Quad-Core CPU Mac Pro option for $2299.
- Rumors of Apple buying up the high end 3.2GHz Penryn ("Harpertown") processors were apparently true.
- The 1600MHz front side bus is up from the previous Mac Pro's 1333 MHz front side bus.
- While the new NVIDIA 8800GT is not yet available in the U.S. as a standalone purchase for old Mac Pros, it is available separately at the UK Apple Store for 220. [Update[ Now Available at U.S. Apple Store.
- Despite expectations, Apple did not introduce a Blu-ray option.
- Reminder that Apple charges a large premium for RAM for their online store orders, so you will always do better to buy ram from 3rd party vendors. (Discussion)
- Bluetooth is now a standard option

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