Free Custom Ringtones in iTunes 7.4.2 [Doesn't Work]

Shadowfax discovered how to restore custom ringtones (for free) in the latest version of iTunes 7.4.2 that was released. The newest iTunes apparently broke the previous iTunes hacks that allowed you to easily sync any AAC file as a Ringtone.

The workaround is simple, and simply involves combining the previous methods (file renaming, and ID3 tag changes).

You have to use that ID3 mod (Atomic Parsley), but use .m4r extensions. Once you change the STIK field to 14 using atomic parsley and change the extension from .m4a to .m4r, you can drag ringtones into your library again by hand

The ID3 mod was previously described which properly tags the AAC files as Ringtones. The M4R filetype also tells iTunes to place the ringtones into the proper location.

Due to the simplicity of the changes, it seems maybe Apple didn't maliciously break Ringtone support but simply solidified the format.

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