Dates of Interest: All Things Digital, WWDC 2007, iPhone

D: All Things Digital
The Wall Street Journal hosts this conference annually as a series of discussions and unscripted interviews with industry leaders. This year's hyped event is a joint interview with both Steve Jobs and Bill Gates which will take place on Wednesday night (May 30th). Coverage and video clips will be posted to the official site. This year's conference runs from May 29-May 31st.

WWDC 2007
Apple's annual developer's conference runs between June 11th and June 15th this year, and kicks off with the traditional Steve Jobs keynote speech on Monday, June 11th. Rumors are swirling, but the release of new MacBook Pros appears to be most likely based on available current information.

iPhone Release
"Late June" is the closest Apple will say. Boy Genius Report claims that their sources have actually seen AT&T posters with a June 11th date to coincide with the WWDC keynote. A few other relevant dates of interest:

iPhone Training: May 30-June 20th
AT&T Vacation Blockout dates: June 15-July 15th
Confidentiality on FCC Documents (user manual, photos) expires June 30th

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