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iPhone release on June 20th? [Updated]

A number of reader reports and a Google Groups message board posting indicate that CNBC is reporting that the iPhone will be released on the 20th of June.

Actually, On the Money last night on CNBC, the telco Analyst said they had been given the confirmed date of the 20th. Not sure where this official release is, but they specifically said iPhone release date was finally released and it was to be the 20th.

According to CNBC, the iPhone will be "in stores" on that date. Apple's iPhone had been officially targeted for "late June". iPhone sales/support training runs from May 30th - June 20th, giving more credibility to the June 20th date.

Video: Video clip of segment on CNBC. Information from an "AT&T phone store".

An AP story tried to confirm the June 20th date, but was unable to get confirmation:

Siegel said he did not know where the June 20 date came from.

Clerks contacted at eight AT&T stores in New York said they had been told the iPhone would launch on dates ranging from June 11 to June 22.