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iPhone Training Dates and Apple Store Preparations

As we approach June, we'll be seeing more and more tidbits about Apple and Cingular/AT&T's preparations to launch the iPhone. All evidence reinforces the expectation that Apple will be launching the iPhone in "late June" as expected.

As previously reported, iPhone support individuals are being hired. Training will reportedly begin on May 30th and will continue through June 20th. The actual launch should presumably be expected after the June 20th date.

Meanwhile, Apple Stores have begun seeing Cingular technicians visiting the store to test network (mobile) connectivity throughout the store. This move, of course, makes sense in that customers will expect good Cingular reception at the stores in which they will be buying the iPhone.

Finally, Apple appears to still be building up their core iPhone team and has advertised for an open house at their Elk Grove campus in California on May 16th. The newspaper ad reads:

We are hiring qualified people to join the iPhone team in Elk Grove. If youre looking to inspire customers with technology that empowers their lives and get your foot in the door at Apple, this is one opportunity you dont want to miss.