iWeb 2 To Gain 'Live' Functionality?

ThinkSecret posts that the next version of iWeb will feature a host of new functionality to make the pages it creates more dynamic. Described features include Smart Photo Album publishing and a webcam module to allow users to publish images from their iSight to the web.

Additional features described include an advanced feature to be able to cut and paste HTML code (for embedding content from YouTube and other such services), and the possibility of implementing a flexible theming system, where users would be able to share and distribute their own themes, or purchase themes not freely available on demand.

The information on the next version of iWeb comes as Apple appears to be plagued by persistent issues with its .Mac system. According to News.com, many users were affected by a 4-day outage of their .Mac service. Among users complaints were the tardiness of a response from Apple. According to Apple's .Mac status website, the service has had 13 outages of varying degrees over the past 30 days.