Apple PowerBook and iBook Updates - Next Week?

Appleinsider reports that according to reliable sources, both iBooks and PowerBooks will see upgrades next week.

All in all, eight new laptop configurations are expected with two new 12" PowerBooks, two 15" PowerBooks, and a single updated 17" PowerBook (G4). Also expected are two 14" iBook and one 12" iBook revisions.

While Apple is having a media event on Sunday, April 18th, the Portable updates aren't expected until Monday, April 19th, according to Appleinsider.

This information is somewhat consistent with Page 2 reports of preparations for releases next week.

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206 months ago now we have (hopeful) specs... anyone care to wager on the prices?... same as they are now? lower? higher?.... anyone?

Considering that these updates are just minor ones, I predict a slight price drop (100-250$).
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