MusicMatch vs. iTunes on the Desktop

In the battle for the online music jukebox, MusicMatch is sending notification emails to their customers that Apple's iTunes for Windows software takes over iPod connectivity on users' PCs.

The email starts:

    As a valued Musicmatch customer and iPod user, we want to alert you to a serious software conflict caused by iTunes for Windows.

    Apple iTunes for Windows prevents Musicmatch(R) Jukebox from working with the iPod by deleting critical files used by Musicmatch. If you install iTunes, you will not be given a choice between Musicmatch Jukebox and iTunes - Apple makes this choice for you.

    To avoid any problems and to get the best possible experience when managing your MP3 collection and transferring music to your iPod, here is what we recommend:

    1) DO NOT install iTunes for Window on your PC if you are using Musicmatch Jukebox and wish to continue using Musicmatch Jukebox with your iPod.

    2) If you have already installed iTunes for Windows but want to continue using Musicmatch Jukebox, please follow these steps:

MusicMatch software was the bundled software that accompanied PC iPods... but with the release of the MusicMatch music store, and the release of Apple's iTunes Music store for Windows, the two companies are now directly competing.

Clarification: iTunes only takes over iPod Synching functionality. MusicMatch software is still otherwise functional.

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