iSync Story Pulled

In a somewhat atypical move, Apple Legal has threatened ThinkSecret for an article regarding iSync 1.1. The disputed article primarily detailed additional phone support coming with iSync 1.1. Traditionally, Apple has sent Cease and Desist letters to sites housing photographs, screenshots, or similar "trade secrets". Information which ThinkSecret maintains was not a part of that particular report:

    At the demand of Apple Computer Inc. we have removed "Details on wireless phone support in iSync 1.1" from Think Secret. We do so only to avoid a dispute, and such removal should not be construed as an admission. We respectfully contend that the use of any disputed material did not constitute publication of "trade secrets" and was part of Think Secret's tradition and practice of comment, criticism and news reporting of interest to our readers.

Other articles pulled include two other iSync articles and a Keynote article.