Apple, IBM and 64-Bit CPU

eWeek has further reports of an Apple-IBM partnership for upcoming PowerPC processors (called GPUL -- GigaProcessor Ultralite)

Some observers say GPUL -- which shares technology with IBM's server-focused Power4 chip -- will double Mac performace. However, they caution that the chip probably won't reach Apple's consumer systems for more than a year at the earliest

The article indicates that the processor will incorporate other advances as well, including a 0.13 process, SOI, and a multicore design.

This article echos some rumors reported by MacEdition which indicated that prototype machines were currently under testing. Their target date for these machines was also Late 2003.

eWeek keeps hope alive for upcoming Motorola processors with this quote about the G5: Meanwhile, sources said, the long-awaited PowerPC G5 CPU from Motorola is likely to break cover perhaps as soon as early 2003.