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News from the expo:

  • The Apple Store is up-to-date with the new products/pricings.
  • New iPod Contact functionality (standard vCard support and "Contacts" menu) via now-available iPod Updater v1.1.
  • Custom laser engraving option for iPod (27 chars, two lines of text) for $49.
  • Apple announced a new iPod. 10GB iPod for $499, 5GB iPod for $399.
  • Apple announces 23-inch Cinema HD Display with 1920x1200 resolution (2.3 megapixels). $3499.
  • Bluetooth support coming in next build of OS X. Jobs demonstrates Sony Clie w/ bluetooth memory stick syncing with a Mac equipped with USB bluetooth interface.
  • Due to increases in the cost of RAM and LCD units, Jobs announced that the new iMacs will see an increase in cost of $100 each, bringing them to $1399, $1599, $1799 respectively.
  • A new iMac TV ad was shown.
  • 125,000 new iMacs sold to date--beyond expectations (5,000/day now shipping).

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