Apple's New Thing (iPod)

Brief bullets of what's happening with the announcement of Apple's new digital device gathered from a variety of sources:

  • Jobs reviews Apple's "digital hub" concept announced in January. Speaks of the Mac as the focal point of one's digital lifestyle.
  • Jobs mentions early November as ship time for iDVD2
  • (from macminute:) Apple introduces iPod, a digital audio player (MP3, MP2, more) with a 5GB hard drive (1000 songs). 20 minute skip protection. FireWire-equipped, first such music player. 10 hour battery, lithium-polymar ("most advanced battery; more advanced than laptop batteries"), takes 1 hour to charge. Size of a deck of cards: 2.4" wide, 4" tall, 3/4" thick.
  • (from macminute:) Backlit LCD display, playlist support, ID3 tag support, very fast and easy to go through list of songs and playlist with a scroll wheel. Interfaces with iTunes.
  • iTunes 2 coming in November
  • iPod will ship November 10
  • iPod price = $399 (see it at the Apple Store)

Here's a link to Apple's iPod product page. It's worth nothing that this device doubles as a 5GB portable firewire HD for moving files here and there. While there are larger capacity, HD-based, portable MP3 players out there--all of them are larger than the iPod (significantly so). The iPod seems to hit a 'sweet spot' between size and storage capacity, while offering impressive battery life. $399 is a touch higher than many would anticipate, it seems.

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238 months ago
You're all a bunch of loony bitches

We live in the YEAR 2001... not 6000 years from now when ridiculously awsome technology will exist. No other mp3 player has a harddrive like this... 5gigs... **** yeah. A rio of the same size offers 64megs. Jesum Crow, get over your moping.. .this is revolutionary.... plus it's just the beggining. This device litterally bests anything on the market by about 100x
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238 months ago
I think it's revolutionary.

Come on everyone, y'all are saying it sucks before you have even held it in your hand. I mean 5GB in a little tiny thing like that, it's amazing. I don't see anyone else making something like that. Do you?
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238 months ago
It never ceases to amaze me.

No matter what Apple does there are always people who are NEVER happy. Give it a rest. It's a great idea and the first of many. Why don't you give it a chance. It's price point isn't half bad either. At $399 I would much rather have an ipod than say, an xbox. (no, I am not comparing the two, just the $399 discretionary spending price point).

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238 months ago
not that dissapointing

The reason why everyone's dissapointed is because we had our hopes up for this incredible device that would do everything you could possibly use the word "digital" in and most of the things you can't. The truth is that is really is revolutionary. 5 gigs? Where do you see 5 gigs in an Mp3 player?
If Apple had gone with something completely and utterly new, it would probably go down the hole that the cube and the newton went down... they were ahead of their time, and suffered because of it. Apple can't have another disaster like the Cube, so they decided to stay just a bit ahead of the game. As long as apple markets it effectively, I think it's gonna do really well.
The product really looks great, give it a chance guys!
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238 months ago
when it's up

I'm sure you'll see it here once they decide to put it up:
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238 months ago

For all those folks complaining that the iPod should only cost about $90... I'd like to be able to buy a new Mercedes SLK for 6grand, or maybe a Gulfstream for 25Grand too - sad fact is, it costs much more than that to maufacture these items (actual cost of the materials, R&D, labor, shipping, storage... all that biz school crap). I agree, if the iPod werer $90 I'd already have a couple on order, but seeing as how I can barely buy the component drive and a decent pair of headphones fot the price of the iPod, I'm willing to let Apple charge $399. Those of you clamoring for $100 items would be the same ones bitching in 3-6 months about Apple's idiocy in taking a 200% loss on an item just to put it on the market...

Too bad we all don't have fairy godmothers to help keep our fantasy worlds running smoothly.
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238 months ago
I want one right the hell NOW!

This thing's too cool. It makes my Rio 500 (recently upgraded to hold 128 MB of songs) look pathetic. It's beautiful. It looks too easy to use. It has all sorts of cool features that I will never live without again. This is a home run, and y'all who keep complaining its not a $200 Newton device, buy a Visor. They can play MP3s, by the way, but they're still stuck in the 21st century compared to the iPod.

Now where did I put that credit card...
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238 months ago
prohibitive cost?

since the iPod, I've been glued to more and more

the cost of of iPod does not sound prohibitive in and of itself, but when i see it in the Apple Store online next to a $799.00 iMac, then i start saying to myself, "For twice the price, I could buy a new iMac!"

looking at it that way makes the iPod look pricey

i don't think i am the only one vascillating back and forth on this product...if it were 299.00 or less, i wouldn't feel as hesitant
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238 months ago
re: re: and another thing

yes it's cool, but it is cost prohibitive. sure you can design and build something nobody else did or can, but this isn't art this is a commodity, and commodities tend to be held hostage to some sort of economic system where people trade stuff for it.

note also that apple is saying "everyone will want one" - well no ****, but who will pay for one?

look at rolls royce, bentley, lamborghini, maserati, etc. these producers of exquisite objects had to be saved by more viable businesses because their business model wasn't working, they couldn't develop technologies quick enough and their r&d was ****. and the tech industries are a little more fast-paced and cutthroat than the automotive one.

the model works okay for the niche apple has developed in the design fields, but why would they move into another market [consumer electronics] and put themselves immediately in a niche?

yes apple develops cool products, but if they could sometime just make something that not only would everybody want, but more than 5% could afford. notice who the saviors of the auto industry are: vw [bentley, lambo, bugatti]; bmw [rover[kind of], rolls]; fiat/ferrari [maserati]. each of those companies has found a model that works, so well in fact that they had enough extra time/money/peeps to buy someone else and turn them around.

whatever, i gotta work.
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238 months ago
Dividends? I don't think so...

It has to be profitable, yet affordable - it has to sell in volume to make Apple money, and this will not achieve the sales required to pay dividends.

Last I checked, Apple doesn't pay their shareholders dividends
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