Mac Expo New York and onward...

claims "Mac's Expo in New York will be having a for
sure 1 Ghz PowerMac G4, and most likely a Dual
Processor 733 Mhz G4. iMac's should be reaching
speeds of 750Mhz, along with the iBook, will be
reaching speeds of 550Mhz. Mac's rumored "G5" chip
is supposedly in the making, and should be around the
corner next MacWorld, NewYork. "

However, this seems to be a large part of "wishful
thinking" than anything concrete... though MacOS
Rumors does coincide somewhat...

[Apple] will introduce new motherboard features like
Double Data Rate SDRAM will also sport PowerPC
7450 processors starting at 733MHz. Other models
would include processors at 800, 866, 933, and
1,000MHz (1GHz).

Of course, we all know Motorola has been the limiting
factor... but href="
ot.shtml">their new 0.13-micron fabrication
gives us some hope:

Motorola is currently sampling embedded
processors fabricated using the 0.13-micron process,
which it intends to begin shipping in volume in the
second quarter of this year.

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