Apple Releases Video Showing Preparation for Newest Japan Store

Wednesday June 11, 2014 9:26 PM PDT by Husain Sumra
Apple has released a new video on its YouTube channel depicting employees preparing for the grand opening of the new Omotesando, Tokyo Apple Store. Employees can be seen stocking, setting up displays and putting up advertisements around the new store, offering a look at how Apple prepares its retail stores.

The new store features a "green curtain" of vines and plants on the side to help with climate control, continuing Apple's goal of lowering its carbon footprint. If successful, the new store design could be adopted for future stores.

The Omotesando store is set to open June 13.

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24 weeks ago
Amazing new store! Love the high ceilings!
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24 weeks ago
The stores are getting bigger and better, my local stores (Birmingham and Solihull) are tiny. I actually think Solihull must be one of the smallest out of all of them.
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24 weeks ago

I wonder why the AirPort Time Capsule is called the AirMac Time Capsule in Japan...?

Image (

I think it's because "AirPort" is owned by another company there.
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