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OS X Mavericks Adoption Pushing Past 7% in Under 24 Hours

Less than 24 hours after OS X Mavericks launched for free in the Mac App Store, roughly 7% of Mac traffic is already coming from machines upgraded to the new operating system, according to a live tracker hosted by analytics firm GoSquared. The tracker shows adoption sitting at around 0.5-0.7% yesterday until beginning its upward march upon the public release.

While analytics data is difficult to compare between services, last year Chitika found 3% of Mac traffic coming from OS X Mountain Lion as of 48 hours after its launch. Unsurprisingly, GoSquared's data hints that Mavericks may be seeing significantly faster adoption compared to Mountain Lion due to the free nature of the new upgrade.

GoSquared CEO James Gill tells MacRumors that his firm currently provides analytics for over 40,000 sites, allowing it to monitor billions of page views per month. That base allows the firm to offer a reasonable snapshot of activity at any given time.

While Mavericks is growing rapidly, it still represents a small fraction of the Mac user base, with GoSquared's numbers showing just under 50% of traffic coming from OS X Mountain Lion and almost all of the remainder split nearly evenly between OS X Lion and OS X Snow Leopared. Users on any of those systems can upgrade directly to Mavericks at no cost through the Mac App Store.

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12 months ago

Well my wife is 1 and I am 2.

wow, you guys are young.
Rating: 54 Votes
12 months ago
That's a fantastic adoption rate. Also, I believe that Craig is the best on-stage presenter Apple currently has.
Rating: 46 Votes
12 months ago

That's a fantastic adoption rate. Also, I believe that Craig is the best on-stage presenter Apple currently has.

It's the hair. The hair is winning.
Rating: 38 Votes
12 months ago
Complaints about Mavericks: none. It's fkin awesome!
Rating: 26 Votes
12 months ago
Craig Federighi: Free is good!
Rating: 25 Votes
12 months ago
Still on Snow Leopard here.
It. Just. Works.
Rating: 17 Votes
12 months ago
I enjoy what Mavericks brings. I also second that Creig needs to be the one running the Keynotes. Everyone else is just a shy, geeky, and awkward dude.
Rating: 8 Votes
12 months ago
Hopefully this is the second coming of Snow Leopard. That OS was solid despite its lack of new features.
Rating: 8 Votes
12 months ago
So once the adoption rate reaches 51%, would that make the other 49% mavericks?
Rating: 7 Votes
12 months ago
I see no reason why Lion and Mountain Lion users would not upadte to Mavericks

I bet 99% of Snow Leopards users will hold on to SL. The reason they havent upgrade yet to Lion or ML is because they dislike the direction Apple took OS X. Im in that bunch.

If I could, I would install SL on a 2013 Mac
Rating: 6 Votes

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