Fitbit Force Activity Tracking Wristband Launches with Built-In Altimeter, Phone Notifications for iOS 7

Thursday October 10, 2013 8:45 AM PDT by Richard Padilla
Fitbit today has launched its newest wearable activity tracking device, the Fitbit Force, reports AllThingsD. The Bluetooth 4.0 wristband includes all the features of the popular Fitbit Flex activity wristband that was launched in May of last year, and adds new features such as a built-in altimeter that measures workout data such as stairs climbed, a bigger OLED screen, watch capabilities, and an "Active Minutes" feature that tracks the varying levels of exercise.
A powerful Force for everyday fitness, this sleek wristband is with you all the time. Stay motivated to keep moving with real-time stats right on your wrist. Track steps taken, distance traveled, calories burned, stairs climbed and active minutes throughout the day. At night, track your sleep and wake up silently with a vibrating alarm.
The device will gain additional features particular to iPhone users running iOS 7, including the ability to receive call notifications on the wristband. Reports AllThingsD:
Soon after launch, Fitbit will release a software update that will allow iPhone users running iOS 7 to receive notifications about incoming calls (name and phone number) on the Force’s display. The wristband can also vibrate to alert you to a call.

Including this feature is sort of an experiment for Fitbit to gauge people’s interest in getting these types of alerts on a fitness-tracking device. Based on the reaction, the company will then decide whether adding other notifications for things like new text messages and email makes sense.
The release of the Fitbit Force comes as Nike is expected to release a follow-up to its Fuelband activity tracker, along with speculation that Apple will release an iWatch wearable device in the relatively near future, a device which may also contain fitness tracking features.

The Fitbit Force wristband can be ordered from the Fitbit web store for $129.95, with shipments beginning in 3-4 weeks.

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Posted: 15 months ago

Really!? Like really? I JUST bought the Fitbit Flex about 1.5 months ago from Apple.

Welcome to technology.
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Posted: 15 months ago
And then there is this....
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Posted: 15 months ago
Problem with the Flex is the build quality isn't great. My first band's colour faded after a few weeks and finally snapped in half 2 weeks ago. Can't see a bigger, more delicate device lasting any longer based on my experience. But to be fair it has been basically part of me for a good few months!

I'm going to keep the Flex (and the free wristband shipped from the US), and wait and see what the iWatch brings to the table.

And for the people who don't see the point in these things, I've lost over 50lbs with the help of one. It's a great motivational tool.

Not saying it's good for everyone but it was ideal for me.
Rating: 2 Votes
Posted: 15 months ago
Um, that looks like something a guy wears, well, lower.
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Posted: 15 months ago

Well, rowing is a pretty intense cardio activity. ;) I was just wondering if the trackers (or phones, for that matter) are smart enough to recognize motions other than running accurately.

My FuelBand is good for:

Running (outside)
Running (treadmill)
Tennis (all racquet sports)
Elyptical trainer
Rowing machine

Where it isn't good:

Swimming (not waterproof)
Exercise bike

The main thing is just keeping motivated to move throughout the day (not being a lazy lump) and for tracking most cardio activities/sports.

I always say they won't perfect it until they put 2 chips in your feet, 2 in your wrists and one in your brain!
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Posted: 15 months ago

What's the use for these products, now that thanks to the M7, the iPhone in your pocket can track your movements 24/7 with no battery life penalty? :confused:

Yes but that would mean you have to have your phone on you 24/7. I for one don't bring my phone on workouts and dont always grab my phone from my desk at the office so the M7 alone would not capture all of my movements.
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Posted: 15 months ago

Really!? Like really? I JUST bought the Fitbit Flex about 1.5 months ago from Apple.

Didn't you check ? dude... :rolleyes:

Just kidding! :)

Now I think I should take a closer look at this. I got an Jawbone UP and its battery died after 6 weeks. I have been waiting for a replacement band for two months now. I think I should just return it and get a Fitbit Force or Flex.
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Posted: 15 months ago

Pretty happy with my Fitbit Ultra...way better battery life than the Flex. It doesn't vibrate, but it tracks stairs, and I can keep it in my pocket and not on my wrist. My friend is constantly forgetting to charge his Flex everyday.
Whatever apple's solution, I'm sure they'll get the battery life part right!

My Flex I charge every 5 days or so. It takes a long time to charge it up, so maybe this person is not waiting until it is full?

I also have zero construction issues with mine. I have worn it everyday for the past 2 months. I only take it off to shower.
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Posted: 15 months ago
This is what the Flex should have been. Too late for Fitbit though. I doubt people who just bought the Flex are going to spend another $150 so soon & the Fuel Band 2 is going to be announced next week. Rumor has is it will have heart rate monitor & apps.


These things are pointless gimmicks. Technology for technology sake. Like a fork with an accelerometer. Oh wait...

Pointless gimmick has helped me to monitor my daily activity & reform my sedentary ways. Agree its useless for naturally active people but for the rest of us who need to be reminded its a great tool. Don't be so quick to judge.
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Posted: 15 months ago
I am sitting in a chair, looking at a computer. I know I am not active.
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