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'Rise Alarm Clock' for iOS Named Apple's Free App of the Week

rise_alarm_clock_iconRise, an alarm clock app optimized for both the iPhone and iPad, has been named Apple's App of the Week and can now be downloaded for free. The app distinguishes itself from the stock Clock app found on iOS in that it allows for the user to set alarms with dragging gestures and also features the ability to set alarms with individual audio from a device’s library or an iTunes playlist.

The app also features interchangeable themes for its user interface and integration with the "Do Not Disturb" feature in iOS. Previously, the app made Apple's "Featured Apps" list, and was the best seller in the Utilities category in the App Store.

Rise is a delightfully simple and unique alarm clock, for your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch. With its refreshing and clever way to set time, Rise is one of the simplest alarm clocks you'll ever use.
Rise is a universal app regularly priced at $1.99 that can be downloaded from the App Store for free until next Thursday. [Direct Link]

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Posted: 15 months ago
I've got a 'Rise Alarm Clock' of my own. Like this app, it's free -- unfortunately you can't set the times it'll go off. :( ;)
Rating: 8 Votes
Posted: 15 months ago

Well that took me two reads to get that. ;)

I downloaded it. It's nice but I never saw the need for a different alarm app. I may use it just for kicks though.

And nothing beats simply telling SIRI to set my alarm for 8AM.
Rating: 7 Votes
Posted: 15 months ago

The app has to be open and running. It can't be minimized since the phone/iPad doesn't have true multitasking. If you minimize that app and open something else, it won't work.

You know what? You're right.

I set the alarm and did exactly what I do every night; turned on DND and turned it on vibrate.

The alarm went off but it was silent. I had 3 notifications on screen saying I needed to rise and shine, no tones. That does me no good.

Next, turned off DND and left it on vibrate. Alarm went off, no sound & not vibrate, notifications okay, and again, useless.

Finally, left DND off, left the sound on. Nothing. Just an on-screen notification.

This app is useless as long as it requires the phone to be unlocked (on) and not set to DND.

I deleted it.
Rating: 4 Votes
Posted: 15 months ago

And nothing beats simply telling SIRI to set my alarm for 8AM.

Hah! Nothing beats getting my wifes elbow in the ribs at 6AM while she yell:

Get up, you lazy bum! :D

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Posted: 15 months ago
The problem with these alarms is you need them to be focused and on... which is stupid - hopefully this is something that Apple are sorting out in ios7
Rating: 2 Votes
Posted: 15 months ago
Doesn't closing it from the task bar kill pretty much any multi-tasking abilities (other than push)? So that's a very poor way to go "See! It doesn't work!"
Rating: 2 Votes
Posted: 15 months ago

The problem with these alarms is you need them to be focused and on... which is stupid - hopefully this is something that Apple are sorting out in ios7

What do you mean?
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Posted: 15 months ago

No, it proves that the app is useless unless you have it running overnight.

The app would quit running on its own if it is closed anyways so having it in the task bar is pointless as well. Remember how they said that those apps quit working after awhile anyways?

As a developer, I'm telling you that's a bug in the app, not iOS. iOS allows many lightweight tasks to take place in the background, amongst them, making noise at a scheduled time. If it's failing to make the noise, it's because iOS sees it trying to run code that's disallowed in the background and is killing the task.
Rating: 1 Votes
Posted: 14 months ago
There is a very simple reason why everyone is having different experiences with this app. I am developing an app that also has alarm functionality, and it has the same problems that this app has.

The built-in alarm app has some privileges that no app in AppStore can match. Therefore no apps in app store can:

- Play a sound while the phone is muted
- Change the current volume while in background
- Play any sound larger than 30s while in background
- Play any sound in infinite loop while in background
- Display a "Snooze" button in the alert box (like the default app does)
- many more..

You can do pretty much everything once the user opens the app, but the typical user expects that the alarm will go off without leaving the app open. Setting an alarm in those apps is the same as scheduling a local push notification that fires at a certain time, playing a 30s sound.

Unless Apple allows other apps to use the private functions of the built-in alarm, all custom alarm apps are doomed to be shiny, cool-looking replacements that don't work. iOS7 will bring background execution functionality, but I don't believe it will make those kinds of apps functional, as apps probably still won't be allowed to wake up on their own and take over your home screen.

Perhaps Apple can limit the functionality to alarm apps only (like an app can only continue streaming media if it's a radio or VoIP app, and gets rejected otherwise).
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Posted: 15 months ago
Ok tried it again, this time setting the alarm and pressing the home button to minimize the app. Left it running in the task bar and pressed the sleep button and at 12:45, no alarm sounded.
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