Plants vs. Zombies 2 to Launch on July 18 For Free

Monday June 3, 2013 10:25 AM PDT by Juli Clover
plants-vs-zombies2PopCap first hinted at a Plants vs. Zombies sequel in March, announcing a summer launch date. The company followed that up by narrowing down the release date to July, and now PopCap has announced that the game's official launch is planned for July 18.

In addition to unveiling a new animated trailer, PopCap has also provided some details on the upcoming game, which is titled Plants vs. Zombies 2: It's About Time. The sequel features the same lane defense gameplay that made the original a hit, but it includes time travel to all new locations.
Designed from the ground up as a live service, the ever-expanding universe of Plants vs. Zombies 2 continues the epic struggle of plants defending your brainz against zombies from your backyard through the vast reaches of time, both past and future. New worlds with new levels, plants, zombies and new ways to play will be released on an ongoing basis. Leveraging the touch interface of Apple's popular mobile devices, Plants vs. Zombies 2 includes all-new touch-screen power-ups that enable players to “break the fourth wall” and interact with zombies directly, as well as via plant defenses.

Also returning for the sequel is Crazy Dave, the addled neighbor who serves as a guide for players and shopkeeper for special plant upgrades and other tools and weapons. New touch-screen power-ups, plant food that supercharges plants, and novel new game mechanics that both help and hinder players' efforts to thwart the zombie hordes will enthrall existing fans and new players alike.

PopCap has also announced that Plants vs. Zombies 2 will be free to play, with in-game items and upgrades available for a fee. The company claims that players will be able to access "the vast majority of the game" without paying money.

PopCap is planning to provide an exclusive look at Plants vs. Zombies 2: It's About Time at E3 next week. The original Plants vs. Zombies game for both the iPhone and the iPad can be downloaded from the App Store for $0.99.

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Posted: 19 months ago
Can we just pay for the damn game without worrying about in-game purchases?
Rating: 40 Votes
Posted: 19 months ago
Free to play, expensive to enjoy.
Rating: 34 Votes
Posted: 19 months ago
I'm so bummed. The sequel to my favorite iOS game ever is going to be an EA-style freemium nightmare.
Rating: 32 Votes
Posted: 19 months ago
No free plz! I hate in apps purchase. Just charge me $5.
Rating: 16 Votes
Posted: 19 months ago
id rather pay than being bothered by ads popping up all the time and in app purchase reminders tbh
Rating: 12 Votes
Posted: 19 months ago

To all the whiners already complaining, here's an idea: why not reserve judgement until AFTER the game is released? We don't even know how the IAP are going to be implemented yet.

It's EA, look at their track record.
Rating: 12 Votes
Posted: 19 months ago

EA killing another beloved game.
Rating: 11 Votes
Posted: 19 months ago
EA seriously sucks. Why do they keep ruining these studios that they bought out? They ruined Firemint and Real Racing 3 with freemium shenanigans, and now they're slowly ruining Popcaps games. Zuma Blitz on FB was turned to complete crap recently, shoving transactions down your face and ruined the overall feel of the gameplay. Now they're setting sights on PVZ. Is PVZ Adventures on FB is any indication of the direction they'll be going with this game, then its going to be a travesty. Enough with the damn microtransactions, just let us buy the damn game and be done with it.

Thank you EA, for slowly killing one of the most beloved indie studios around. Idk what the hell got into Popcap thinking EA would be a good home for their studio, especially when they've been indie for so long. I guess money talks.
Rating: 7 Votes
Posted: 19 months ago
This free-to-play BS is out of control. I would much rather pay the $20 and not have to worry about not having the complete game.

This means ads, in-app purchase reminders, and being nickeled and dimed to death with paying $5 per new type of plant or some nonsense like that.
Rating: 6 Votes
Posted: 19 months ago
This is a terrible sign for the future of iOS gaming. Real racing already did it, now plants versus zombies. Maybe next will be infinity blade. I've noticed that many games that include in app purchases do devious things like get you hooked at first And wait for you to invest your time in the game then, during the middle of the game extremely up the difficulty to force you to buy an app purchases if you want to complete the game... Its just wrong. I've also heard from a developer that some companies even enlist psychologist to figure out when is best to strike you and when you are at your most vulnerable I think that it is immoral and something should be done about it.

For example I like how Apple added a notification there when you buy the app that the app includes in a purchases I think that's a good step in the right direction. Because I and I'm sure many others want to avoid purchasing those apps. Even paid games now are offering in app purchases and they use the same heavy-handed tactics. It's probably because they all plan on going free down the line sometime and that's yet another reason to never purchase apps with in app purchases anymore.
Rating: 6 Votes

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