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Photos of iPhone 5 Clone Circulating as Alleged 'iPhone 5S'

Last week, a forum user at Chinese site posted several photos (via The Times of India) of what was alleged to be the iPhone 5S in production. Despite the fact that the device is clearly an iPhone 5 clone, the photos have been widely circulating today.

The photos show a device with an outward appearance very similar to the iPhone 5, but the internals show essentially no resemblance to an Apple-designed device. Examples of just a few of the inconsistencies include:

- A battery capacity of just 1130 mAh compared to 1440 mAh for the iPhone 5
- An apparent SD card slot
- Loose red and black wires connecting components
- A green PCB for the connector bearing no resemblance to Apple's Lightning connector

Apple has been reported to be moving forward on an iPhone 5S model that will unsurprisingly appear very similar to the iPhone 5, although the iPhone 5S is said to feature upgrades to the rear camera. Other improvements such as upgraded internals are also certain to make their way into the new model. Reports have suggested that the device could launch as soon as June or July of this year.

Steve Hemmerstoffer of French site tweeted a photo three days ago showing some of the obviously fake characteristics of the device:


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20 months ago
*Me being DigiTimes*

This is CLEARLY an Apple prototype, so click this link and get us ad money!!

*Me being CNBC*
Apple is a dying company, look at their margins!

*Me being rabid fandroid*
The iPhone is clearly a crappy platform, look at the quality, it's clearly going downhill

*Me being Apple Sheep*
OMG AMAZING, magical loose battery is loose.

*Me being a sane, normal individual*
Meh, looks like it's cheap crap. Probably not genuine.

*Me Being me*
Let me write out what everyone is probably thinking about in the comments section of macrumors! :D
Oh look a cheap fake iPhone.
Rating: 27 Votes
20 months ago

a clone/counterfeit

In other words, a Samsung?

*Grabs tomato shielding device*
Rating: 25 Votes
20 months ago
I refuse to believe Apple will release a device with such a small digital display, and an extending measuring rod, as their next iteration of the iPhone.
Rating: 14 Votes
20 months ago
An SD card slot. On an Apple phone. If only!

*Wakes up from dream*
Rating: 10 Votes
20 months ago


Rating: 7 Votes
20 months ago

- An apparent SD card clot

Mmmm. Card clot.
Rating: 7 Votes
20 months ago

Soooo what is it?

a clone/counterfeit
Rating: 5 Votes
20 months ago

Your joking right?!

Why would you want an SD card slot? :confused:

More storage space on your phone?
Rating: 5 Votes
20 months ago

I don't think you understand... If you had an SD card slot, it would take up room that would probably have been used for more features or a larger SSD. SD card slots waste quite a bit of room. Highly inefficient.

I rather have external storage than onboard storage. 64GB for ~30.00, you can't beat that price.
Rating: 5 Votes
20 months ago

Your joking right?!

Why would you want an SD card slot? :confused:

Why not? It would provide iOS with a lot of storage for a low cost and make it easier to transfer files to the device.

What negative aspect is there of a SD card slot?
Rating: 4 Votes

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