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MacRumors Roundups for iPad Mini, 13-Inch Retina MacBook Pro, iMac, Mac Mini

Last month ahead of the iPhone 5 launch, we rolled out the first in a new series of "Roundups", designed to be a one-stop location for readers to catch up on our up-to-date thoughts on Apple's upcoming product releases and updates.

With another Apple media event right around the corner, we've added new Roundups to include a significant number of products expected to see releases next week. Our new pages, all of which are accessible through the "Roundups" tab in the site navigation bar, include:

- iPad mini
- 13-inch Retina MacBook Pro
- iMac
- Mac mini

We will be continuing to update each one in the days prior to the event, and will continue to add new roundups for additional products over time.

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52 months ago
These took a lot longer to get out then we had originally anticipated. There are also still a few bugs in the system (such as forum tab integration). Hoping to get these out much more ahead of time in the future.

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52 months ago


No. iPhone was right.
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52 months ago
More likely: new ITUNES... Ipad mini 7inch and some textbook blabla
Rating: 3 Votes
52 months ago

I'm still a bit skeptical. Why would they release 2 iPads in one year? I believe that it's coming, but right now? hmmmm....

Why would you be skeptical? We have 11" and 13" Airs and 13" and 15" MacBooks, people want options! Now we'll have 7" and 10" iPad.

Apple is late to the 7" market which apparently quite a bit of people want. Just look at some of the more recent articles/forum threads, a decent amount of people saying at the right price they'd easily pick one or more up. I personally find my iPad 2 heavy after a bit of use. Not to the point where my arm is sore, just to the point where I'd maybe consider a Mini in the future.
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52 months ago
Good see the additional roundups. I think this is going to be a very useful feature of MacRumors! :)
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52 months ago
How has the Apple wristwatch not been rumors for this event? It's coming, mark my words.
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52 months ago
Awesome rumour round up.
Just one little note. You don't know 100% for certain Apple will release an iPad mini. No one outside of Apple does. It's just a very good educated guess at this point in time.

I fixed up the MacRumors image too. Just so everyone knows how it really is. I don't blame MacRumors though. Everyone can make a mistake. They are only human. Just fixing up their little mistake.

English spelling.

US spelling.

I put both in as this is a US based website and people might prefer the US spelling here.
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52 months ago

Because they're different sizes. And different price ranges, the big question is whether they'll price the iPad mini cheap enough to really compete with the kindle fire 7 HD ($199). iPad is a strong product but this time around there's the potential for the mini to seem like a "me too" product, particularly if it has a lower resolution than the kindle, as expected.

Cheap enough to compete with the Fire?? Why would the iPad mini compete with the Fire? They are different products. One is a tablet computer, the other is an e-reader. Not anywhere near comparable on specs/software/capabilities.
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51 months ago

Hopefully we see an even bigger iMac.

Bigger than 27"?! Holy crap, for what?
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52 months ago

I think the smaller iPad will be called the iBook and will be marketed toward the education crowd and (indirectly) gamers.

It won't be "iPad Mini", I'm pretty sure of that, but I don't think they'll use a name without iPad in it.

iPad One
iPad Go
iPad Air
iPad Mono
iPad Lite

Something simple like that.
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