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Apple Ordering Screens of 'At Least 4 Inches' for Next-Generation iPhone

The Wall Street Journal reports that Apple has placed orders for screens measuring "at least 4 inches diagonally" for the next-generation iPhone, marking a significant increase in size over the displays used in every iPhone model released to date.
Apple Inc., which is expected to launch its next-generation iPhone later this year, has ordered screens from its Asian suppliers that are bigger than the ones used in iPhones since they debuted in 2007, people familiar with the situation said.

Production is set to begin next month for the screens, which measure at least 4 inches diagonally compared with 3.5 inches on the iPhone 4S, the latest phone from Apple, the people said.
Apple is reportedly working with LG, Sharp, and Japan Display (the newly-merged display businesses of Sony, Hitachi, and Toshiba) on the new screen.

Rendered mockup of taller iPhone with 4-inch display (left) and iPhone 4S (right)

The Wall Street Journal's report does not specify what aspect ratio the larger display will use, and other rumors have conflicted on whether Apple will maintain the existing ratio or increase the screen's height while keeping the width consistent with existing models.

Update: Reuters has filed its own report making similar claims, although one of its sources seems more firm that the screen will measure 4 inches diagonally, as opposed to the "at least 4 inches" reported by The Wall Street Journal.
Apple Inc plans to use a larger screen on the next-generation iPhone and has begun to place orders for the new displays from suppliers in South Korea and Japan, people familiar with the situation said on Wednesday. [...]

The new iPhone screens will measure 4 inches from corner to corner, one of the sources said.

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30 months ago
4'3" or go home. ;)
Rating: 51 Votes
30 months ago
please dont changing the height only
Rating: 40 Votes
30 months ago
If they were to ever change the screen size, they would do it now. It's now or never.
Rating: 30 Votes
30 months ago
After last years farce I don't believe anything unless I see it in the flesh.
Rating: 25 Votes
30 months ago
I know this would be a very popular move, but I'm not sure I like it. I really enjoy the current form factor, and being able to reach the full screen with one hand. I used to say this to defend the iPhone's size before these rumors, and I won't change opinion just because Apple seems to be considering it. I'm sure I'm in minority though, and that this may be the logically "correct" move by Apple.
Rating: 25 Votes
30 months ago
I am happy with the current size and form factor
But I won't be unhappy with a bigger screen (unless it gets too big)

However, that said, this form factor is really puzzling to me
Rating: 23 Votes
30 months ago

This kind of confirms it - doesn't it?

Rating: 20 Votes
30 months ago
I'm not sure I like that aspect ratio, but I like the taper. Even still, the old 3G/3GS design feels better in your hand than the 4/4S.
Rating: 17 Votes
30 months ago
YES!!! Please be true!

My iPhone Wish List

The "New iPhone"

4" 300+ppi Retina Screen
Super IPS LCD2
Gorilla Glass 2
A6 Quad Core
1gb RAM
Bigger battery
Better or same battery life as 4S
Slimmer/lighter than iPhone 4S
Minimal bezel
Aluminum or Polycarbonate unibody
New inner earbuds!!!
Even better 8-10mp camera with dual LED flash
Camera burst mode
3mp front camera
iOS6 with live app icons
More widgets in notification center
Settings toggles in notification center
An Android Beam equivalent
New maps app with Siri voice navigation
Illuminated home button for notifications
Multiband World phone
Siri 2.0 with native app integration
FaceTime over LTE
Redesigned keyboard with better shortcuts
Weather in lock screen
More shortcuts than just camera in lock screen
Last but not least, 2 drops of unicorn tears as opposed to the usual 1 to make it extra magical. :-)
Rating: 17 Votes
30 months ago

Looks like 9to5 got the idea...

I'll up you with this one:

Rating: 17 Votes

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