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Apple Looking to Bring EPIX Movie Streaming to Apple TV, Potential Television Set

Reuters reports that Apple has been negotiating with movie streaming service EPIX for the rights to stream content to the Apple TV set-top box. According to sources, the deal would also extend to future streaming devices such as the much-rumored Apple television set.

Apple, which now sells a $99 set-top box that hooks up to a television set and lets users stream online content from Netflix and the MLB channel, opened discussions with three-year-old EPIX, created by Lions Gate Entertainment Corp, MGM and Viacom's Paramount Pictures.

One of the sources told Reuters that any discussions would apply to its set-top box and also to upcoming devices that stream content.
Sources note that talks between Apple and EPIX remain preliminary and that no deal is expected in the near future. Still, the rumors suggest that Apple is continuing to push forward in its attempts to secure content as it seeks to build a bigger footprint in the living room.

EPIX has an exclusive streaming agreement with Netflix that extends through September, so it seems unlikely that any agreement with Apple could go into effect before that time, but it also remains unclear how the financial situation would shake out for EPIX in adding Apple while Netflix loses its exclusivity.

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30 months ago
Anything that gets more content onto Apple TV without a jailbreak is fine by me. :)
Rating: 16 Votes
30 months ago
Apple needs to add lots to the apple tv, it is seriously disabled. Stop blocking apps from third parties that compete with iTunes
Vudu, amazon, blockbuster vod. Allow amazon prime streaming
HBO, epix, Cinemax, showtime, starz apps
Sirius/ XM, spotify clients
Allow tv channel like third party apps. To allow Internet tv channels and third party content.

Stop censoring what people can access via apple tv. Allow adults to watch content from whatever legal source they want, including adult content
Rating: 9 Votes
30 months ago
I wish they'd make a TED icon for the home screen. Sure, it's in Podcasts and Netflix, but if TED were on the home screen it would be awesome.

There's more valuable stuff on there than YouTube and Vimeo.

Plus then more people would have their minds enriched.

TED for the home screen! Who's with me?? :D
Rating: 8 Votes
30 months ago
Of course Apple could just buy out Netflix, pick up all their studio contracts, and start migrating people.
Rating: 7 Votes
30 months ago
I smell some Apple fans. Epix's website interface looks like it's been directly lifted from Safari's "Top Sites" page.
Rating: 6 Votes
30 months ago

Why is it with any article about Apple entering into a deal with another company, it always gets asked.

People ask 'why doesnt Apple just buy them' because most people think that money can solve problems. They see our government model that just throws billions at problems thinking it will solve any problem.

It's smart, well educated, open minded people, working with dedicated teams that solve problems.

Apple has already employeed these people. They don't need to spend money to get people with different agendas.
Rating: 6 Votes
30 months ago
I'd rather they fixed Netflix before adding more.
Rating: 5 Votes
30 months ago
Why is it with any article about Apple entering into a deal with another company, it always gets asked.

Why doesn't Apple just buy...

Rating: 4 Votes
30 months ago
If anything Apple should buy Hulu so I can get it on my Apple TV.
Rating: 4 Votes
30 months ago
But what about Hulu? It's honestly the ONLY thing keeping me from ditching my Roku and snagging an Apple TV.
Rating: 3 Votes

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