Apple Planning 'Significant Growth' of Reseller Network in India

Friday March 30, 2012 1:51 PM PDT by Eric Slivka
A new job listing on Apple's site indicates that the company is developing a "significant growth plan" for its network of Apple Premium Resellers (APRs) in India, seeking a new national manager to oversee expansion of the program.
The Apple Premium Reseller (APR) program was designed by Apple to expand and improve the market coverage and customer experience. Apple Premium Resellers offer the complete range of Macs, iPods and iPhones, along with a full complement of software and accessories.

There are currently 49 APRs in India with a significant growth plan for the future.

The NM [National Manager] will lead the expansion of the APR coverage as per plan
The new position will be based in Bangalore, where Apple has a minor existing presence.

Earlier this year, rumors surfaced suggesting that Apple was considering opening its own retail stores in India after the government relaxed laws that had required significant domestic ownership of single-brand stores. It is unclear whether Apple's planned expansion of its APR network in India means that it has decided against opening its own stores in the country, but any such Apple retail plan appears to have been a long-term project in any case.

India is one of the four "BRIC" countries whose developing economies are seen as major growth markets, with Brazil, Russia, and China also being included in that group. Apple has clearly focused its initial efforts for this group on China, although Apple CEO Tim Cook acknowledged in an interview last month that the company has also been increasing its efforts in Brazil and Russia. Consequently, India appears to be Apple's lowest priority among emerging markets, but the company is undoubtedly keeping a keen eye on developments there and building its APR network as an interim measure to increase its presence.

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35 months ago
China and India....Complete common sense, the fastest growing economies are going to get attention from all major manufacturers not just Apple. It's where the market lies, and where growth will come.
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35 months ago
smart move. its a one billion people market.
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35 months ago

Also how much money Apple wants to keep it in Indian Rupees is the question? :D because of tax laws in USA.

The good news is they can transfer some of even the USA portion of $100B to Canadian Dollars or Swiss Francs to preserve their value despite the domestic currency crash policies of this administration. Apple may be patriotic, but they aren't stupid. Thank god they have Gore on the board. He liked fiscal sanity even in government.

Apple only needs to leave enough cash here for salaries, new HQ's and new server farms with skeleton staffs. About $2-4B.

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35 months ago
all i see in India is blackberries and samsung, may not be a bad idea to make apple more known over there
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34 months ago
Whether Apple opens its own retail stores or not depends a lot on local policies and the return on investment it can expect. Apple has opened a store in China because it's able to do that and China is a big market. From what I've read, in India, the rules for a company like Apple to open its own retail store mandate 30% local sourcing. Why in the world would Apple leave its well performing supply chain and manufacturers in China to source parts in India??? At what cost would that even be a "good idea" to consider? Unless Foxconn (which already has a presence in India) and Apple's other parts manufacturing partners expand in India, Apple would not be able to meet the government mandate.

And what about import duties that increase the prices by about 30% or so (for Apple products)? Apple would have no control over that for as long as the products are manufactured outside and imported.

Without government support for companies like Apple to expand, it's just not possible even if the market seems big enough. For the above reasons, Apple consumers in India would have to put up with third party resellers whose only concern for the brand value would be the money it brings in (and not really anything to do with support or service).

Restrictions like the above mentioned are why Apple products get sold very widely in gray markets and not through formal retail channels around the world, especially in Asia where Apple's presence is a lot lesser than in US, Canada and Europe.
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35 months ago
This is really good move by Apple. They are looking in BRIC countries.
I already started liking Tim Cook as CEO :apple:
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32 months ago
prissier motility dude !!!
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35 months ago
not really .. there are lot of iphones out here.. especially after that 3GS was selling for 375 USD

My local restaurant uses iPod Touches to serve me (most items in this restaurant cost less an $1)

iPad 2 was a big hit here due to the sensible pricing and immediate launch.

They screwed the iPhone 4S pricing by pricing it at 880 USD for the 16GB model with no contract , no free data or anything.

Macbook airs are fairly popular in India atleast amongst the business crowd.

But Apple has a long way to go in India. They are not as popular like in say in USA , UK or say Singapore
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