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Apple Indeed Replacing Recalled iPod Nano Units with Current-Generation Models

Just hours after we reported that Apple appeared to have begun shipping out current-generation iPod nanos as replacements for recalled first-generation units, users are beginning to report in that they are indeed receiving the current models.
Just received our replacement today - Fedex truck pulled up late in the evening. Inside was our replacement for our 1st gen ipod nano that was sent into Apple 1 month ago.

It's a 6th generation ipod nano, serial number shows that warranty has expired. Not sure if that means that it's a refurbished model or if it's a brand new model and they've deactivated the warranty. It's silver.
Apple had initially been issuing refurbished first-generation models to replace the recalled first-generation units at risk of overheating. But it appears that the company has run out of spare first-generation units and is now supplying users with current-generation units as replacements.

Apple initially launched the iPod nano in 2 GB and 4 GB capacities priced at $199/$249 back in September 2005, adding a $149 1 GB model a few months later. The device utilized a click wheel for navigation and contained a 1.5-inch screen for displaying the standard iPod software interface. Battery life was advertised at 14 hours of music playback and four hours of photo slideshows with music.

The current iPod nano is less than half the size of the original iPod nano and utilizes a 1.5-inch touch screen with software skinned to look like iOS. It is available in 8 GB ($129) and 16 GB ($149) capacities and offers up to 24 hours of music playback.

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31 months ago
Apple can't please everyone.
Rating: 15 Positives
31 months ago
Time to buy a cheap 1st gen nano off ebay!

[Edit]: Don't know what you guys are talking about though. This sounds like an awesome deal to me. Free upgrade!
Rating: 9 Positives
31 months ago
I'd prefer an 1st gen replacement. Much more ergonomic and not as easy to lose to a dog/infants teeth/tummy.
Rating: 9 Positives
31 months ago
My guess is that a lot more people signed up for replacements than they expected (or had supplies of 1st generation models). They likely don't have the capacity to make new 1st generation models anymore.
Rating: 8 Positives
31 months ago

This is AWFUL.


So, thanks Apple. You sell a defective Nano battery, initiate a recall, and replace the units with a substitute that's inferior in every way but capacity.

Superior in . . . value.

Sell it on eBay. Buy a refurbed 1st Gen. And you'll have cash to spare.

Rating: 8 Positives
31 months ago
Just goes to show you, early bird gets the.... shaft. ;)
Rating: 8 Positives
31 months ago
Bingo! I've been pending since Nov 24 and just now got "the" email. And the serial number of the replacement unit checks out as a 6th Gen! Thank you :apple: :)

-Buy 1st gen iPod Shuffle at Apple store in San Francisco
-Trade iPod Shuffle for 1st gen iPod NANO 2gb with broken screen
-Buy replacement screen on ebay for $9
-Fix Nano :)
-Enjoy Nano for 2+ years :) :)
-Nano dies :(
-Nano gathers dust for almost 2 years
-Apple replaces broken worthless Nano for LATEST GEN NANO!
-Merry Christmas!
-End of story :)

Rating: 7 Positives
31 months ago

This is AWFUL.

If i'd known they'd replace my 1st Gen with a current model, I would never have sent it in for what I thought would be a replacement battery or refurbed unit with a different battery. What a ripoff.

#1, the 1st Gen is the ideal form factor for me. I can walk and listen with the iPod in my coat pocket (or even through my shirt breast pocket), change songs, scan back and forth without a glance. The current touchscreen model is useless for that purpose except to change volume. Plus it's way too small to manipulate easily with one hand, even when looking at it (which you have to do). It's a two-hand device. No clickwheel -- you've gotta swipe while looking. And when not looking, be careful not to accidentally swipe when you don't want to. Thanks, Steve!

#2, the 1st Gen Nano and the 1-5th Gen Classic have the best quality audio because they use Wolfson audio chips. All current iPods and iPhones use different audio chips, which have harsh highs and weak lows to my ears, especially with good headphones. Thanks, Steve!

As for greater capacity of the current Gen Nano, I don't need to carry around more than 4GB of music; the 1st Gen Nano was ideal. All Nano Gen designs since the 1st got progressively worse until now it's lost its original purpose.

So, thanks Apple. You sell a defective Nano battery, initiate a recall, and replace the units with a substitute that's inferior in every way but capacity.


6th gen has more features, more capacity and more battery life. Getting this is a replacement for a 6 year-old iPod is a pretty good deal if you ask me.

Progressively worse since the 1st gen? Now you're just being a baby. I can attest to the 5th gen being better than the 6th gen but the 1st gen being better than any other generation? GET REAL.

Apple can't win, some of you wanted your 1st gen back and many wanted the 6th gen instead. People that collected the 1st gen probably didn't pull it out of the case anyway or risked sending it in.

I bet 95% of the people that sent their 1st gen in it was collecting dust, beat to hell, scratched, broken and of no value as a collector's item in the first place.
Rating: 6 Positives
31 months ago
I think the question here is... when will they start replacing iPhone's 2G for new iPhone's 4S :D :D :D
Rating: 6 Positives
31 months ago
Not too happy. If they are just sending out 6 generation Nano's then why did it take so long?
Rating: 5 Positives

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