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Samsung Tweaks Galaxy Tab 10.1 Design for Relaunch in Germany

German site reports (via FOSS Patents) that Samsung has apparently relaunched the Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Germany, tweaking the design and releasing it under a new Galaxy Tab 10.1N name in an attempt to skirt around the injunction against selling the original design.

New Galaxy Tab 10.1N (top) vs. Galaxy Tab 10.1 (bottom)

The most obvious difference from the front of the device is that the metal frame around the edges of the device now wraps around slightly toward the front along two of the edges. It is unclear what, if any, other changes Samsung made to the device to address the court's view that Samsung had copied the iPad with its initial design.

As FOSS Patents notes, it is also unclear exactly how Samsung arrived at the slightly-tweaked design, although it likely was a result of consultation between designers and the company's lawyers well-versed in the court's findings and likelihood of accepting the design as different enough from the iPad to pass muster.

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35 months ago
Tough situation for Samsung.

There's only so many ways you can make a piece of glass look different.
Rating: 39 Votes
35 months ago
Still a knockoff.

Sales of these tablets were banned because of the frame design? Dang, Apple has tight patents, it seems.

Real patents. A little bit more than "frame design".
Rating: 37 Votes
35 months ago

There is NO samsung logo on current version (only on several PR shots), this practice goes as back as last year's failed Tab 7. Also it is quite funny that samsung alters products based on lost/potential lawsuits - but only for the markets where the lawsuits are/would be, just like SGS2 in US.

It's typical of their attitude in general. It's as if IP is an entirely novel concept for them. They spend time being completely nonchalant about it, then when the heat's coming down, throw out assurances that "from now on" they'll play nice, meanwhile they've already made god knows how much money off the infringing product(s).

Anyway, the new design looks worse now. Samsung's gotten themselves into quite a tangle.
Rating: 24 Votes
35 months ago
Huge difference between the two. Absolutely blinding. Hard to believe they're even similar products.:rolleyes: :D
Rating: 23 Votes
35 months ago
When I first saw the two images I thought the old version was the new version. I assumed that most companies made stuff look better not worse lol.
Rating: 22 Votes
35 months ago
Pathetic company Samsung is.
Rating: 21 Votes
35 months ago
Hello ugly !
Rating: 18 Votes
35 months ago
Regardless of why they did a redesign, I really do like the new look much more.
Rating: 13 Votes
35 months ago

It's common knowledge.

Top result for "galaxy tab community design" in Google. Why a resume would be needed to point out Consultants inaccuracy is above me. Care to explain?

Somebody got owned.
Rating: 12 Votes
35 months ago

Real patents. A little bit more than "frame design".

Wrong, the injunction in Germany is about a Community Design, not patents. And even the community design is not about the iPad
Rating: 12 Votes

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