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Sprint iPhone Users Complaining of Slow 3G Data Speeds

Some Sprint customers are reporting slow data speeds now that the iPhone has finally launched on the country's number three network.

There is a lengthy thread on Sprint's discussion boards, with iPhone 4S owners reporting extremely slow data speeds on launch day. Some report having difficulty using Siri over 3G because Sprint's data network was being so unreliable. One user said his Samsung Epic Touch with 4G turned off returned 3-times faster speeds than his iPhone 4S in the same location. Another Sprint user claims that his new iPhone and his Evo 3D are both slow.

A thread in the MacRumors forums shows that while some users are having poor data speeds on Sprint, others are having no problems, so it could be a signal strength or location issue rather than a widespread network problem. Gizmodo's unscientific speedtest survey is showing dramatically slower speeds for Sprint than either Verizon or AT&T. Sprint is the only U.S. iPhone carrier that offers unlimited data to new customers.

It's unclear if this is just launch-week jitters, a more widespread problem with Sprint's network, or something in between -- as more and more Sprint iPhones arrive in the wild, we should get a clearer picture of Sprint's ability to handle lots of new data-hungry iPhone customers.

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38 months ago
Welcome to the party, Sprint.
Rating: 20 Votes
38 months ago
I love that in Oklahoma the ad wants you to get satellite TV, but in LA you're expected to be looking for a piece of a$$.
Rating: 14 Votes
38 months ago

Nice advertisement ;)
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38 months ago
It's not problem with an Iphone it's just SPRINT'S NETWORK IS SLOW.

I walked into Sprint store and wanted to install speedtest app on their Iphone 4S to see how fast their network is. Unfortunately you can't download apps to their demo units so salesperson offered me her android 3G phone to test Sprint's speed.

After I DLed speedtest app and ran it, it showed me how SLOW sprint's network really was. Download was 0.3mpbs and upload 0.27 mbps.

To compare I bench 8 mbps down and 5 up on my Samsung Galaxy S2 on ATT and 3.5 down and 3.0 up on my Iphone 4S Verizon

I actually feel sorry for existing Sprint users who had slow network before and now with additional huge data load that Iphone puts - whole sprint's network will be CRAWLING for everybody
Rating: 12 Votes
38 months ago

it amazes to see the supposed #1 country in the world.

How poor their infrastructure is, in norway/Sweden you easily get 7-8 mbps on 3g, and we also have 100/100 fiber fairly cheap

This was 0.18 mbps, how is that even workable.

Thanks to Siri, we can see that Norway is 125,021 sq mi.

Sweden is 173,860 sq mi.

The US is 3.719 million sq mi.

I think I can forgive them for having some shoddy infrastructure. That is a huge difference in land area to cover.
Rating: 12 Votes
38 months ago
Well, they shouldn't have it all: Unlimited Data and fast speeds. Lol.
Rating: 9 Votes
38 months ago
I'm not gonna LOL because I feel bad for those people, but this is exactly why I didn't choose to move to Sprint. I chose Verizon despite knowing they had slow-ish data speeds, but I knew they did at least have a robust network and had carried the iPhone previously. Sprint, no.
Rating: 9 Votes
38 months ago
Sprint's network wasn't top notch to begin with.
Rating: 9 Votes
38 months ago
Hahahaha. Who didn't see this coming?

If the dish isn't tasting right then Let's look at the recipe and see what the problem is.

Bad data speed recipe.
1. Take 3rd largest cell phone carrier with stocks at around $22 per share in 2007.
2. Make bad investment in Wimax only to realize its not the future of cell phone data.
3. Let stocks depreciate 1000% down to $2 per share.
4. Stop expanding network due to lack of cash flow and considerable drop in stock price.
5. Make your company "seem" more valuable than the 2 cell phone companies that are bigger and much more financially stable than you by offering unlimited data plans without throttling.
6. Use your last $20 billion in reserves to invest in iPhones rather than building up your network infrastructure.
7. Overload your already lower quality network infrastructure with a couple million new users all trying to take advantage of your unlimited data offerings.

Let simmer for a few months.

What do you get?

Millions of unhappy customers lol.
Rating: 9 Votes
38 months ago

Do you really think the size of your country is what matters?

United States 83 people per square mile
Norway 34 people per square mile
Sweden 54 people per square mile

Distribution is probably more important than density but much harder to sum up in a single number.

Righto, it's all about distribution. Well, mostly.

Sure the US is big, but much of that area is very sparsely populated. So while it make sense network connectivity is slow in the middle of Wyoming, there is no excuse for the internet to be dog slow in places like the Eastern Seaboard. I remember reading somewhere that New Jersey had a higher population density than any principality in Europe.

Something like 50 million people live in the corridor between DC and Boston, which is an absurdly high density given such a large area. There is no excuse for infrastructure to be lacking here. Unfortunately we have horribly asinine telecom policy (amongst others) and so we lag behind most of the developed world in this area (and many others). But hey, at least everyone here that has never visited another country still thinks we're the best. So we have ignorant confidence, and you got to smile at that.
Rating: 8 Votes

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