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One Case Manufacturer Still Confident in Tapered iPhone 5 Design

CultofMac profiles one case manufacturer who remains confident in the tapered iPhone 5 design that has been circulating for months.

Hard Candy is in the process of manufacturing 50,000 of these cases and sending them to stores. The company based their cases on dimensions received by three different sources.

What stood out to us, however, was that their dimensions seem very different than the ones from other case manufacturers. The specs from Hard Candy include:
- Large 4.44-inch screen.
- It is significantly bigger than the iPhone 4, but the case tapers, making it feel a lot thinner.
- Large, lozenge-shaped Home button (This is rumored to be integrated with new Assistant function, allowing tasks to be controlled by voice).
While the general shape is identical to the other tapered designs, Hard Candy's cases fit an iPhone with a 4.44-inch screen. This is notably larger than the other cases that we've seen.

We're not sure why there is such a discrepancy, but at least some of these early cases are going to be wrong, if not all of them.

There's been some ongoing debate about whether or not Apple will release an iPhone 4-liked design or a new tapered design as shown above. Apple is holding their media event at 10 a.m. Pacific / 1 p.m. Eastern on October 4th, so we'll find out soon enough.

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Posted: 33 months ago
I'm still confident of an iPhone 5. Thumbs up if you are too! :D :apple:
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Posted: 33 months ago
4.4" screen? Immediate purchase

Wait... Maybe this'll be the lineup:

iPhone 4
iPhone 4S
iPhone 5
iPhone 5S with a BIGGER SCREEN!

I'm kidding btw, don't take me seriously. I'm really tired right now so I realize that's probably not funny
Rating: 8 Positives
Posted: 33 months ago
Guess they're doing it just in case?
Rating: 8 Positives
Posted: 33 months ago
I'd love to see this, but I'm still not counting on it. I hope Apple proves me wrong!
Rating: 7 Positives
Posted: 33 months ago
I have butterflies in my stomach! :D
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Posted: 33 months ago

4"'s in your pocket too much?

4" would not bother me at all. I am used to carrying a 7 to 8 inch item all the time. ;)
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Posted: 33 months ago

If not, they've Photoshopped/rendered up a few pictures and grabbed some amazing free publicity whilst the hype reaches fever pitch?!

Interesting decision to have the 'iPhones' rendered in different colors though.

While it sounds like a big device. It's really not.
If I didn't have a real one next to it, I wouldn't have picked that it was any larger.

iPhone 2G for scale.
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Posted: 33 months ago
I think, unfortunately, that this pretty much rules out the iPhone 5. Too many differing designs, no leaks or other evidence...
I predict iPhone 4S only (not counting a cheaper iPhone 4).
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Posted: 33 months ago
The only area at the moment where we will see mild revolution is in the software. Hardware is now evolutionary at best.

Assistant sounds good, but I cannot see people in the train or the bus, sitting in a cafe or coffee shop, actually talking to their phone. It's not like a call to another person. Self consciousness kicks in for 90% of us and it will just feel uncomfortable!
Rating: 3 Positives
Posted: 33 months ago
Wow, I have a feeling all these case manufacturers are going to be out of quite a bit of money.
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