A Breakdown of Tuesday's Possible iPhone Releases

Saturday October 1, 2011 11:33 PM PDT by Arnold Kim

After following some of the comment threads on the latest stories about the new iPhones, it seems clear there's a lot of confusion about what is coming on Tuesday.

Here's a breakdown of all the current rumors about what could possibly be coming out on October 4th.

iPhone 4 (N90A)
- The iPhone 4 but with reduced storage capacity (8GB)
- Otherwise identical to iPhone 4
- Will replace the iPhone 3GS which presently sells for $49 with contract.

iPhone 4S (N94)
- iPhone 4 case design (3.5" Screen), but improved internals
- CDMA and GSM in one phone, "World Phone"
- HSPA+ (at least 14.4mbps)
- A5 Processor
- SGX 543MP2 GPU (Same as iPad 2)
- Assistant Voice Recognition

iPhone 5 (N??)
- Tapered case design (mockup)
- ~4" Screen
- Presumably same specs as iPhone 4S (see above)

The source of much of the confusion is the natural use of the term "iPhone 5" to simply refer to the next-generation iPhone that Apple will be launching on October 4th.

Several retailers and carriers are beginning to list "iPhone 5" on their websites, which some readers take as evidence for a redesigned iPhone. Those companies' use of the term "iPhone 5" is not referring to any particular design (tapered or otherwise) but are simply placeholders. They are simply using the term "iPhone 5" as a naturally descriptive term to mean "the iPhone that comes after the iPhone 4".

One reader confirms these suspicions:
Its a place holder in their logistics and inventory system. Friend of mine works for a large international carrier in managerial level and has no idea what's coming. They only know it's the new iPhone but that's the far as it goes. These are the same guys who are responsible for day to day operations so that explains why you have something like iPhone 5 in the inventory lists as a placeholder. You have to be a top executive have real knowledge of future iPhones and those guys have nothing to do with these lists.
The most recent rumors suggest that the iPhone 4 will become the low end iPhone, while the "iPhone 4S" will become the top of the line. There has been no evidence that the tapered iPhone 5 design is actually in production.

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Posted: 41 months ago

[SIZE=1]Has apple ever sold an iPhone model that couldn't take full advantage of the iOS software?

The 3GS can't do FaceTime, obviously. Assistant might be this years' FaceTime.

I really hope they have an 8MP camera because most new phones have a least 8MP if not more. Look at the Nokia N8 that has a 12MP camera. 5MP is getting a bit out dated.

The sensor is what makes the camera, not the megapixel count. If you increase the megapixels without including a better sensor, the picture quality will be worse. I would rather they kept the 5 MP count and just improve the sensor.
Rating: 20 Votes
Posted: 41 months ago
To be very honest, I'm gonna be TOTALLY dissapointed with Apple if they don't release the iPhone 5. I've waiting to buy a new phone since June. No iPhone 5 = Samsung Galaxy S2 or Nexus Prime for me. Don't care about how many thumbs down you gonna give me.
Rating: 12 Votes
Posted: 41 months ago
Also, even if we get a iPhone 4 with better internals, I hope Apple calls it the iPhone 5 and we can avoid the number confusion game.
Rating: 7 Votes
Posted: 41 months ago

But Arn, our bet is still on. I'm still thinking that Apple this year tightened down all their security (including sending people to raid other people's houses), and has made sure that no leaks ever pass by.

Alright, it's on! :)

Rating: 7 Votes
Posted: 41 months ago
What about the 8 megapixel camera?
Rating: 6 Votes
Posted: 41 months ago

I dont think that :apple:Steve would leave Apple in such time, if there is no big surprise going on. Steve hurt shares, fans and everybody else by leaving Apple. (I know that he has medical problems, but thats not the point here)...

That is an incredibly ridiculous and uninformed statement. Steve Jobs is very seriously ill. Apple is certainly his life, and he would not have stepped down unless he literally had no choice but to do so. Whether or not there was a new iPhone design played absolutely no part in this unfortunate situation.

To say that he hurt shares, fans and everybody else by leaving Apple is beyond moronic.
Rating: 6 Votes
Posted: 41 months ago
Rating: 6 Votes
Posted: 41 months ago
Apple has the plans to the 5 hidden inside their secret spaceship
Rating: 5 Votes
Posted: 41 months ago

Also, what evidence do we have at all that a case redesign is in production? The story says little, but I think it's nothing but indirect evidence.

Nothing, just the case leaks and the Photostream icon that matches the cases.
Rating: 5 Votes
Posted: 41 months ago

Go ahead, down vote me... see how many ****s i give ;)

Whoa, what a rebel!

Rating: 4 Votes

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