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Apple Airs New AirPlay and FaceTime iPhone Ads

Tonight, Apple released two new iPhone commercials advertising AirPlay and FaceTime features of the iPhone 4.

The ads appear to be an extension of the "If you don't have an iPhone" campaign which started in March. This time the ads end with "just one more thing that makes an iPhone an iPhone."

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51 months ago
I'll probably get rated down for this, but personally, for how amazingly creative Apple is known for being when it comes to their commercials, these ones are like polar opposite. To be honest it sounds like something Microsoft would do. "If you don't have..."
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51 months ago
Apple's new iPhone ad tagline:

"If you don't have an iPhone, then you're a slave to Google."


P.S - The girl running through the sprinkler is really cute...
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51 months ago

Every time I see an Apple commercial, I get this weird, tingling feeling in my heart and I feel extremely happy. I believe in Apple more than I believe in Jesus. Apple stores are like church, the ads are the scriptures, and Steve is like the second coming.

Agreed! :P. Apple is truly magical.

Wow lol, and I thought I drank the kool-aid heavy. :rolleyes:
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51 months ago
I love both of those features, but I'd love FaceTime even more if it worked over 3G!

I mean, lets face it. If apps on the app store are allowed to use 3G for video calling, then surely an app that comes with the device should be able to!
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51 months ago

Why would apple release an iPhone ad if the iPhone 4S/5 is coming so soon?

Well these are software (iOS) features that aren't going anywhere, any time soon.
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51 months ago
Does anyone use Airplay? If so, in what situation?
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51 months ago
If you don't have an iPhone, you don't have facetime.BUT you have Skype. A far superior app, higher quality, more features, and it works on any device. But whatever, hardcore Apple fans still believe FaceTime is better somehow..
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51 months ago
Soon it'll be this: If you don't have an iPhone 5.. you have a pretty bad phone.
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51 months ago
Anyone else miss those "Hi, I am a Mac" ads? I don't really like the iPhone ads compared to the Mac ads...
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51 months ago
I used to get excited at Apple commercials, like the Pentium guy getting toasted or iMacs when they came in colors, basically when Apple was in its free-love, underdog days.

The company feels more Microsoft-like now, sterile, and bullying. If you're gonna get big, you need to lose the chip on your shoulder. Walmart doesn't tell people they're losers if they don't shop there. Walmart clearly markets itself for the rest of us, losers like me.

I personally mute the TV both when I hear "if you don't have an iPhone . . ." and during the sickeningly sentimental iPad commercials. The guy doing the voice-overs in those needs to clear his throat.

I don't mean to sound like a nag. When I was in high school and would get a new magazine, I would first turn to the back of the magazine to check for an Apple ad, then to the back of the cover or first couple of pages (where they usually were). My friends knew I loved Apple print ads so much they would save them for me. My favorite was a pull-out ad with a shark on the screen of a PowerBook, I believe a WallStreet model. I felt the same excitement back then that you all seem to now. I even loved the lime green iBook. The black of the PowerBook. I think nothing was more beautiful though than one of the mid model iBooks, with the slightly varying colors of white and translucent keys. It always seemed to look a bit different each time I saw it. And I loved my Cube too, of course. Back then there were no Apple stores, and it was hard to find them in any store. I remember driving and getting a thrill seeing a billboard of an indigo iMac--it seemed like that generation of iMacs had the most gorgeous hues. And that same summer on a family trip to California I visited Apple's headquarters in Cupertino. They had a small store, but nothing much to speak of. It could just be that life seemed much more colorful back then in general, and everything Apple titillated my pallet. It just seemed fresh and new. Maybe it was just my state of mind at the time.

I'll link to some Apple commercials I recall liking (from the free-love, nothing to lose, intuitive computing days at Apple):

Not Easy Being Green:
Middle Seat:

and of course Think Different, which I almost dislike watching now because it seems in complete antithesis to what Apple is now:

And the product intro to the product that excited me most in Apple's history, the white iBook, which is essentially the predecessor of the current 13" MBP (it had Ethernet, USB, Firewire, and something the MBP 13" doesn't have: dedicated VRAM):
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