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iPad Grabs 89% of Worldwide, 97% of U.S. Tablet Web Traffic

comScore today released a new report detailing its new metric for tracking web traffic by device and connection type. According to the data, Apple's iPad was responsible for 89% of worldwide tablet traffic in May, continuing to dominate the market it defined last year.
The iPad is currently the dominant tablet device across all geographies, contributing more than 89 percent of tablet traffic across all markets. The iPad's contribution to total non-computer device traffic is highest in Canada (33.5 percent). Brazil has the second highest non-computer device share of traffic coming from the iPad at 31.8 percent, although non-computer devices account for less than 1 percent of total traffic in the country. In Singapore, where non-computer devices comprise nearly 6 percent of total traffic, the iPad accounts for 26.2 percent of this traffic.
Calculations on comScore's data for share of non-computer traffic in the United States peg the iPad at a nearly 97% share, with Android taking nearly all of the rest of the market.

In the U.S., comScore finds that 53% of non-computer device traffic comes from Apple devices: 23.5% from iPhone, 21.8% from iPad, and 7.8% from iPod touch. Android follows in second place with over 36% of the market, nearly all from smartphones. comScore's report finds an interestingly wide variation in traffic patterns among countries, with Canada seemingly leading the way in iOS adoption, where Apple's platform is responsible for 83% of the non-computer device traffic.

iPad competitors, most of them based on Android, are continuing to flood the tablet market, but none have yet been able to break Apple's stranglehold. Upcoming high-profile tablet entries include HP next week and Amazon reportedly within the next few months.

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42 months ago

Nice but watch next year it will drop to 65% according to my research

You're hired! New analyst position! Only requirement was that you can throw out predictions and random numbers. I look forward to seeing articles based on your mad ramblings about the future featured on MacRumors.
Rating: 16 Votes
42 months ago
What we're seeing here is an iPod situation developing. The "tablet market" is rapidly turning into the "iPad market." Given the expected sales figures that'll be out in a couple of weeks, it'll be a big iPad market that keeps getting bigger.

If Apple's rivals don't move fast they'll be trapped in the smartphone segment.
Rating: 13 Votes
42 months ago
if the iPad only had flash.
Rating: 11 Votes
42 months ago
So, I read it that despite other tablets being out there, they aren't used... because they suck.
Rating: 11 Votes
42 months ago

Yup. The demand is for iPads. There was never any significant demand for 'computing tablets' in general so other companies are trying to hijack the hype and redirect the demand for iPads towards their devices.

That really is a good point. For ten years Microsoft partnered with hardware vendors to sell tablets, and for ten years they never could get the general public interested in tablets.

The iPad comes along and suddenly everyone wants an iPad, but the same dimwits that thought they could sell tablets before now suddenly think the general public finally wants what they are selling. They don't. They want iPads.

This may change eventually, but to get an iPad user to switch, you have to make something a) better and/or b) cheaper with c) a better ecosystem. Good luck with that.
Rating: 11 Votes
42 months ago
I work with Verizon now, and I've played around with the Galaxy Tab, the Xoom and the Playbook... And I have to say it... Apple got it right... They always do.
Rating: 11 Votes
42 months ago

thats awesome, but wait 12 months and see what happens. :D


The funny thing is that is precisely what people were saying 12 months ago. 2011 was supposed to be the year the iPad got competition and dropped down to about 65% of the market. Oh well, I suppose if people keep saying "just wait 12 months" eventually . . . a lot of time will have been wasted waiting.
Rating: 9 Votes
42 months ago

I Still don't own any tablet... why?

Simply because they are all crap at the moment and by far the worst one of the lot is exactly the iPad.

Which by all available facts is actually the *best* of the lot.

Trolling really isn't your thing, is it.
Rating: 7 Votes
42 months ago
Not at all surprising.

You have the Droids which seem to have a new flavor each month which advertise awesome specs like the Tegra chip and lots of ram. You know, things that tablet consumers could really care less about...
The incomplete Playbook without a native email client... Not to mention its tiny
And the yet to be released TouchPad which has awesome integration with the Pre, which no one is using...
Is Microsoft even alive? I actually like their idea for a touch based "tile" UI, except that it comes with battery sucking Windows 8 attached...

Yeah, not at all surprising.
Rating: 6 Votes
42 months ago

Wow, even I am surprised by these statistics. I love my iPad, but surely someone can compete, can't they???:eek:

The first step to competing effectively is putting out a refined, polished product. That hasn't really happened yet. Then you get to the OS issues, which need to be refined even further.

While the competition is experimenting all over the place, Apple releases complete product, ready to go.
Rating: 6 Votes

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