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Apple Adds New Samsung Products to Infringement Lawsuit, Strengthens Assertions

Earlier this week, we noted that Apple had filed a response to Samsung's patent countersuit, calling a recent motion by Samsung to gain access to unreleased iOS hardware an "attempt to harass" and irrelevant to the case at hand. The filing came just ahead ahead of a deadline for Samsung to share its unreleased hardware with Apple.

Apple yesterday made another move in the chess match, amending its complaint against Samsung to strengthen the language and to include a number of new Samsung models, including some of those set to be turned over to Apple today, as infringing products.
Many of the changes are designed to portray Samsung's alleged infringement as an incredibly outrageous act of copying. The original complaint already accused Samsung of "slavishly copying" Apple's designs. The amended one stresses that Samsung "has been even bolder" than other competitors emulating Apple's products and has created "products that blatantly imitate the appearance of Apple's products to capitalize on Apple's success."
In addition to the original 15 Samsung models cited in Apple's lawsuit, the following models have been added: Droid Charge, Exhibit 4G, Galaxy Ace, Galaxy Prevail, Galaxy S (i9000), Gravity, Infuse 4G, Nexus S 4G, Replenish, Sidekick, Galaxy Tab 10.1, and Galaxy S II. Apple has also tweaked some of the patent claims included in the lawsuit, removing a few assertions and adding other patents to the mix.

Apple's dispute with Samsung is being closely watched for a number of reasons, including Samsung's recent strong growth with the Android platform, Samsung's role as a prominent supplier for components of Apple's iOS devices, and the vociferousness of Apple's claims of outright copying by Samsung accompanied by numerous side-by-side comparisons in support of the claims.

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42 months ago
God I love fanboys....

Apple use an identical notification system to Android? No problem.
Apple use a identical messaging system to RIM? Excellent.

Samsung use a green phone icon to represent the phone app? OMGGGGZZ LAW SUIT!!!?!1

Do you not see the irony?

This topic has been done to death and is clearly not as simple as the fanboys make out. This is clear by the fact that the case(s) continue to rumble on, with no sign of resolution.
Rating: 20 Votes
42 months ago

I gotta admit that does look like a bad Chinese iPhone clone right there....

Funny thing is the iPhone has more Samsung components in it than most of you think.
Rating: 20 Votes
42 months ago

And I'm certainly not going to waste time with people who drop "apple fanboy" in their first post on a thread. It is funny that these people demand a response to their couched argument after starting with an insult. LOL

Strong words coming from someone who's thrown around the fanboy insult before:

The android fanboys will tell you Apple has done nothing worthy of any credit. I think they want everyone doing things the way they do them and so they have to lash out at every opportunity. I hope they get help soon.

Only an android fanboy would fail to see what Samsung has done.

The rare appearance of OS X malware is always good fun for the MS fanboy.

Yes we are all doomed to suffer waves of malware any day now...

Another fanboy remark? ZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Show us something original if you can.

Give me a break. For you to admit RIM phones lose bars too would be sacrilege. Stop drinking the RIM koolaid fanboy.

Another RIM fanboy.

Droid fanboys are a weird bunch. They lose bars but complain about the iphone. And who is getting a free bumper?

The droid will be history in 5 years like the razor is now. The iphone will still be with us.


You have one of those phones that isn't faulty. Just like many iphone 4 owners. But that isn't what this is all about. It's about blowing the problems of each phone way out of proportion. Now the droid users are behaving like a bunch of fanboys because they can't handle it. Waaaa.

Poor baby. The droid fanboys can't handle the truth.

In 5 years, the manufacturer of droid will still be around, but the droid will be history. There will be some new name for the phone to get you excited but the iphone product line will still be here.

This is something for the webOs "fanboys", to borrow their words.

The Windows fanboys can't help themselves I guess. They just want to come here and bitch about everything.

I posted the other day that I wondered whether this malware was related to some of the current malware on Windows. Of course a bunch of Windows fanboys rated that negative as though that wasn't a legitimate consideration.

Turns out MS thinks it is possible.

Microsoft Links Fake Mac AV to Windows Scareware Gang (

Grow up.
Rating: 19 Votes
42 months ago
See there's a big difference. Samsung has the little dots that show you what page you're on at the top.
Rating: 17 Votes
42 months ago

Strong words coming from someone who's thrown around the fanboy insult before:

Grow up.

Rating: 17 Votes
42 months ago
I gotta admit that does look like a bad Chinese iPhone clone right there....
Rating: 17 Votes
42 months ago
Go into any store with both phones in question and you will see Samsung showed no shame in ripping off the look and feel.

Gotta side with Apple on this one.
Rating: 14 Votes
42 months ago

Have any of actual seen some of these devices? Why are stock android devices on the list? Why is this suit against the phones and not the UI?

Thats the thing. Apple is showing you a picture of the Galaxy looking like an iPhone, they aren't showing you the screen with Widgets and other Android specific features such as the Notification Sy... oops... let me guess iPhone didn't copy Android Notification system thats right. My bad.
Rating: 11 Votes
42 months ago

Apple's been ripped off consistently, regularly, blatantly since June 2007, and they've been rather kind about it up until recently.

Fair play by Apple. Karma's a bitch.

I would appreciate it if YOU of specifically refrained from responding to questions that required an unbiased, rational and logical thought.
Rating: 11 Votes
42 months ago

It's possible none of the smart phones would look the way they do now. You have to remember what was out there before the iPhone.... cluncky confusing phones with horrid OS's and bulky confusing hardware that looks like junk today. I even doubt Android would be as far as they are without the iPhone.

Look how the google smartphone / Android (Prototype) looked like before the iPhone was announced:

... looked like a RIM copy cat.

Rating: 10 Votes

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