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Apple LTE-enabled iPhone Due in 2012, iPhone 4S Preparations for September 2011

Though not a particular surprise, Digitime's sources claim that the LTE-enabled "iPhone 4S" is unlikely to launch until 2012.
Apple is likely to delay the launch of its LTE-enabled iPhones to 2012, said the sources, noting that the industry had also long been skeptical about the launch of LTE iPhones in 2011 as the implementation of LTE networks has not yet matured.
LTE is the next generation data transfer technology beyond 3G and is frequently labeled 4G. Both AT&T and Verizon are supporting LTE as their next generation data protocol.

Digitimes' report confusingly refers to the 2012 iPhone as the "4S" which is the name also given to expected 2011 iPhone. In a separate report Digitimes says that Apple is already lowering iPhone 4 orders in the second quarter of 2011 in anticipation of the new model in September.
Production of iPhone 4S will begin in August and the earliest launch may be in September. All the 3G and CDMA chips for iPhone 4S will be supplied by Qualcomm and the rear camera will be upgraded to a 8-megapixel resolution model with OmniVision Technologies and Taiwan-based Largan Precision to supply image sensors and lens kits respectively, the sources indicated.
Apple is widely expected to launch a new iPhone around September this year, but most have expected that support for 4G networks would likely wait until 2012. Other reports have also said that the proper LTE chips simply won't be ready for production in 2011.

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43 months ago
...people with iPhone 4's will say it's a lame upgrade and they're glad they'll be getting the LTE release next year...

...the 3G and 3GS crowd will say that the 3G network is the greatest thing to ever happen to man and anything beyond it would just be shameless excess...

...this year's model will be called the same number as the iOS that comes pre-installed on it... Hmm...

...oh and there will be some (mostly) irrelevant manufacturing issue that will get blown completely out of proportion.

For the record I've got an iPhone 4 and I'm glad I'll be getting the LTE model next year... I hope they call it an iPhone Pro just to piss you 3GSers off! :P
Rating: 11 Votes
43 months ago
I don't get why everyone is pissy over the 4 "GS" because the upgrade is "minor".

Did people no need the A5 vs A4 benchmarks in the iPad vs iPad 2?

It like saying that the 3G to 3GS upgrade was minor. The 3G to 3GS upgrade was probably the biggest leap in hardware.

Everyone is bitching because the case will stay the same...but all I have to say is 'so what'.

The inclusion of the A5 is a MAJOR upgrade. Period.
Rating: 8 Votes
43 months ago

Your spiffy new A5 (which really isn't that great of a processor, compared to a lot of what's already in the Android universe) won't make a whit of difference when every app being released is designed to support the A-4 and millions of iP4 users.

It's like the PS3 v. 360 -- the PS3 is loads more powerful, but most games are designed to be cross-platform, so they're programmed to the 360's specs and the PS3 doesn't see it's increased muscle get flexed.

It's a minor upgrade. At best, you'll end up with a phone that launches Safari quickly only to see it bottlenecked by low-speed 3G access while everyone else screams by on high-speed connections. Congratulations, you just re-bought the last 14.4K bps modem while everyone else was going to Ethernet.

Ya, sure looks like the A5 gets trounced by those pesky Android devices :rolleyes:

Rating: 7 Votes
43 months ago
Once again, I'm happy to be on the "even" iPhone upgrade cycle. :)
Rating: 7 Votes
43 months ago
But will it blend?
Rating: 6 Votes
43 months ago
I'm actually glad the 4S won't be LTE enabled. For one, less battery life, but the main reason being I want to keep my unlimited data. And you better believe that once you step up to LTE, they'll force you into a tiered plan. If AT&T could just beef up their current 3G network, I'd be completely fine. 3G speeds are more than adequate for a phone.

If the 4S came with a slightly bigger screen, the A5 chip, more RAM, and possibly a 64GB version, I'd be a happy camper.
Rating: 4 Votes
43 months ago
Great another reason to give the sheep something to complain about. I can just see these forums lighting up with issues because of lte non-problems.

Lets just start now and call it LTE gate and demand free cases from apple.
Rating: 4 Votes
43 months ago
Do people not understand how numbers work? If this next iPhone is indeed named the 4S, the phone that comes out in 2012 will not be called the iPhone 5. How would that make ANY sense to name the 6th revision of the phone the #5?

There are two options here: iPhone, 3G, 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 6 OR keep the normal number system iPhone (1), 3G (2), 3GS (3), iPhone 4, iPhone 5, iPhone 6.
Rating: 4 Votes
43 months ago
The S in 4S stands for Sad Sack Upgrade. They delayed it for this? Really? The S could also stand for Sans Steve.
Rating: 4 Votes
43 months ago

Duh! Finally glad this board has caught up to the word of the iPhone 4G / 4S / 4GS this summer and the iPhone 5 next year.

You sound pretty sure of this, what makes you think they're not going straight to the 5? I mean there's been massive talk about the iPhone 5 being next I'm wondering if them going with the 4S instead will be a let down to some people. Then again the 3GS is what, something like the 2nd most profitable phone ever sold.. idk
Rating: 3 Votes

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