Apple in April 2022 launched a dedicated Self Service Repair program for ‌iPhone‌ that provides the repair manuals, parts, and tools necessary for fixing the display, battery, bottom speaker, camera, display, SIM Tray, and Taptic Engine.

iphone self service repair 3
If you repair your ‌iPhone‌ using ‌Self Service Repair‌, you might be asked to put your ‌iPhone‌ in diagnostics mode as part of the System Configuration process. The following steps show you how.

  1. Turn off your ‌iPhone‌ like so: Press and hold either volume button and the Side button until the power-off slider appears on the screen.
    iphone 12 buttons front

  2. Drag the slider and wait for your device to turn off.
    power off

  3. Press and hold both the volume up and volume down buttons.
  4. With both volume buttons still held down, plug your Lightning cable into your ‌iPhone‌ and connect it to a power adapter or a computer.
  5. Release the buttons when the Apple logo appears.
  6. When a message appears saying "Diagnostics allow Apple to identify potential hardware and software issues with this device," tap Start Diagnostics.

For everything you need to know about the Self Repair program, including whether it's actually worth using over alternative repair options, be sure to check out our comprehensive guide.

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