Apple's new M4 iPad Pro and M2 iPad Air models feature a battery health setting that is new to iPads and when enabled prevents the devices from charging beyond 80% at all times, which can extend battery lifespan.

m4 iPad Pro Horizontal Feature Purple Triad
When the 80% hard limit is enabled, the iPad will never charge beyond that percentage, except on rare occasions to "maintain accurate battery state-of-charge estimates," according to Apple. Apple says reducing the time that a battery is fully charged can reduce the wear on the battery and improve its lifespan.

From Apple's support document:

Reducing the time that your iPad spends fully charged reduces the wear on your battery. With iPad Pro (M4) and iPad Air (M2), you can choose to limit charging at 80 percent, which can help prolong your battery's lifespan. When you choose 80% Limit, your iPad will charge up to about 80 percent and then stop charging. If the battery charge level gets down to 75 percent, charging will resume until your battery charge level reaches about 80 percent again.

How to Set an 80% iPad Battery Charge Limit

  1. Open the Settings app on your M4 ‌iPad Pro‌ or ‌M2‌ ‌iPad Air‌.
  2. Tap Battery ➝ Battery Health.

  3. Tap the switch next to 80% Limit to turn on the feature.

settingsNote that from the new Battery Health settings menu you can also view the manufacture date of your ‌iPad‌'s battery, as well as the month and year on which it was first used.

On M4 ‌iPad Pro‌ and ‌M2‌ ‌iPad Air‌ models, you can also find out the cycle count of your device's battery. To learn why this matters, be sure to check out our dedicated how-to article.

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Top Rated Comments

Apple Mac Daz Avatar
1 week ago
I just use it as intended and if it needs a battery replacement so be it.
Score: 27 Votes (Like | Disagree)
contacos Avatar
1 week ago

Absolutely. My 15pro has just gone to 99% after 8 months..usually it would be like 95%
Not saying I don’t have it enabled either but by using this feature we are basically using a phone with 80% battery life health ?
Score: 21 Votes (Like | Disagree)
NastyMatt Avatar
1 week ago
Why not make batteries that have an extra 20% we never "see". So 100% is basically 80%.
Score: 20 Votes (Like | Disagree)
Chiromac81 Avatar
1 week ago
So you are saying that in order for my phone or iPad to last longer I can only have 4/5 of the battery life every single day??

I don't know if having the device last longer is worth losing 20% of the length of how long I can use it before it dies every day...seems like a bad idea to me
Score: 12 Votes (Like | Disagree)
toobravetosave Avatar
1 week ago
the battery neuroticism needs to end

maybe design devices so the one disposable part can be replaced more easily?
Score: 12 Votes (Like | Disagree)
infinitejest Avatar
1 week ago
I'm glad it's only available on the latest iPads. Would be a shame if they gave this to older models as well.
Score: 11 Votes (Like | Disagree)

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