How to Create a Custom Ringtone Vibration on Your iPhone
Mar 8, 2018 11:43 am PST by Juli Clover
You can create custom sounds and ringtones for alerts, texts, phone calls, and more on your iPhone, but did you know the same functionality exists for vibrations?

Instead of using the set vibration patterns Apple has available, you can create your own vibrations using simple touch gestures. Here's how:

  1. Open the Settings app.

  2. Choose Sounds & Haptics.

  3. Select Ringtone, Text Tone, or another alert option from the list.

  4. Choose "Vibration" from the very top of the screen.

  5. Scroll down to "Custom."

  6. Choose "Create New Vibration."

From here, you can use taps to create short vibrations and a press to create longer vibrations, varying the two to create a unique vibration pattern.

Choose "Play" to test out your vibration pattern, and choose "Save" to give it a name and save it. Custom vibrations are available for all of the different native alerts on your phone, including ringtones, text tone, voicemail, mail, sent mail, calendar alerts, reminder alerts, and AirDrop.

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15 weeks ago
Hasn't this been a thing since iOS 5 or 6?
Rating: 2 Votes
15 weeks ago

Hasn't this been a thing since iOS 5 or 6?

Yes, but, it is an obscure feature that a lot of people probably don't know about.
Rating: 2 Votes
15 weeks ago

I want Maurice Moss to set up a custom vibrate setting on my iPhone.
Rating: 2 Votes
15 weeks ago
Yes but try to create a custom ringtone without iTunes and without paying. I'm surprised they allow this without having to pay for a custom vibration.
Rating: 1 Votes

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