Peloton Is Dropping Apple Watch GymKit Support

Peloton is dropping support for Apple GymKit in favor of Peloton One-Tap tracking, the fitness equipment company revealed to users in an email on Monday.

peloton bike plus treadmill gymkit
The change is most likely to irk existing Bike+ owners who originally purchased the $2,495 stationary workout bike based on the premise that GymKit was an exclusive perk. While GymKit has become less important since Peloton rolled out Apple Watch integration to all its fitness equipment in 2022, GymKit offered additional integration with Apple Health that isn't available with Peloton's solution.

Peloton's app does most of the things that GymKit offers, including tracking things like distance, pace, and heart rate metrics, and showing them live on Peloton screens. Only a subset of that data will, however, now sync to Apple Health in the absence of GymKit support.

Apple introduced GymKit as part of watchOS 4.1, which was released back in October 2017.

Update: As noted by forum member Eradik and others on Reddit, Peloton's app syncs only basic data to Apple Health. Data like cadence and average speed and power are not synced, meaning that the loss of GymKit support may have a substantial impact for some users.

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Eradik Avatar
3 weeks ago
That is NOT the only difference. GymKit syncs cadence, speed, and power to Apple Health and allows you to see trends over time with that data. With the basic syncing they’re going to it will not sync it to Health.

This is a huge step backwards and I hope a class action comes out of it. Many of us got the Bike+ for this feature and them taking it away is unacceptable.
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txscott Avatar
3 weeks ago
Peleton, like every other company wants your data. Apple GymKit, HomeKit etc allow you to collect data on your devices and store it with end to end encryption in the Appleverse and not shared with anyone. This is why there are fewer devices that support HomeKit and GymKit. The manufacturers are not content with the profit they make selling the devices. They want to monetize your data too.
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Radin.Y Avatar
3 weeks ago
Apple has completely given up on GymKit. It haven’t seen any mention of it since the initial Keynote announcement.

And device manufacturers never advertised it. It was one of those cool features that Apple introduced and then forgot to do anything with it.
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maczaddy Avatar
3 weeks ago
At my NYSC they randomly one day had Apple Watch support on its treadmills. They never advertised it because all the other locations have different treadmills which I assume didn’t support the update. Funny thing was the treadmill wasn’t even super new yet it got this upgrade. It works very flawlessly just tap your watch next to the nfc logo and it connects to the watch and says start treadmill. I find it so cool to see my heart rate appear on the machines display. Had all the info recorded on my activity app. My friends who pay a ton to go to an equinox were jealous that my basic gym had this feature. My fear is when they do a refresh to my gym they will replace the treadmill with the models that don’t have the feature. When shopping for my own home gym I was annoyed I couldn’t find a reasonably priced one that had gym kit. Apple please don’t abandon this ?. I wanted to see it on more machines like the rower and stair master. I do agree with the idea of upgraded gym play having the treadmill Apple fitness videos pop up on the systems display. I find gyms gave up with allowing you to connect your device physically so many gyms in nyc still have the 30 pin Apple iPod connector just hanging unused lol.
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idrewuk Avatar
3 weeks ago
Article is factually lacking as the GymKit integration does offer more data than whatever crap Peloton are trying to replace it with.

As a Bike+ owner I’m seriously ****ed off with this decision. It’s unacceptable and feels petty and disrespectful to customers.
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karranz Avatar
3 weeks ago
Oh wow peloton still exists in 2024! thanks MR for reminding me.
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