Belkin Launches BoostCharge Pro Power Bank With Apple Watch Fast-Charging and 20W USB-C PD Port for $99.99

Belkin today launched the BoostCharge Pro Fast Wireless Charger for Apple Watch + Power Bank 10K, a first-of-its-kind power bank capable of fast charging newer Apple Watch models and providing up to 20W of power to another device simultaneously.

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The BoostCharge Pro has a 10,000mAh capacity, allowing it to charge an Apple Watch Series 8 fourteen times or an iPhone 14 twice. The power bank features a 20W USB-C PD port, which is also used to fast charge the power bank itself, and a built-in Apple Watch charger. When the USB-C port and Apple Watch charger are both in use, each can operate at up to 20W and 7.5W, respectively.

The Apple Watch Series 7, ‌Apple Watch Series 8‌, and Apple Watch Ultra support fast-charging with compatible chargers. The BoostCharge Pro is MFi certified and able to charge the Apple Watch Series 7 and ‌Apple Watch Series 8‌ from 0% to 80% in around 45 minutes, and charge an ‌Apple Watch Ultra‌ from from 0% to 80% in an hour. Since the second-generation AirPods Pro can charge via an Apple Watch charger, the power bank can also wirelessly charge the ‌AirPods Pro‌.

The power bank includes a 12-inch USB-C cable. The BoostCharge Pro Fast Wireless Charger for Apple Watch + Power Bank 10K is available now for $99.99 on Belkin's website and ships starting in June.

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Bryan Bowler Avatar
1 week ago
Now this is an intriguing power bank with a lot of the specs I like. The only downer is the price. I know it comes with a lot of features and MFi-certified is not cheap, but if these chargers (and power banks) could get down to the $50-$60 range, they would sell like hotcakes.

P.S. It also offers pass-thru charging so you can charge your Apple Watch while charging the power bank. That is a nice feature.
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DribbleCastle Avatar
1 week ago
Not sure if this is the "first of its kind". Belkin used to have the same exact charger like five years ago, which I still own and use. Of course, this new model is bigger and has some new capabilities. It charging via USB-C as well as supplying higher wattage to both devices is pretty sweet.

Mine was $99 at the time and totally worth it. For those saying, just buy another watch charging cable, you have to value the extreme convenience of just pulling this out and putting it on the bedside when traveling instead of having to find another power outlet to use that is close enough. Then your cable falls down to the ground, when you take your watch off etc. Plus, I can put this in my bag and have it available as a battery for any device as well as my watch, no matter where I am. Overall a good value IMO. Sure, you can get cheaper and uglier batteries and more cables if that is what you like, but this has a place in the market and I'm happy to see the new version.

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roland.g Avatar
1 week ago
Oh yeah. Another $100-200 charging solution product.
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CarAnalogy Avatar
1 week ago

Genuinely curious - got any good battery companies to recommend? I haven't done my homework but it is on my to do list to look lol.
Hard to recommend any company these days, they've all got some bad press.

Is there a company hiring teenagers that isn't evil? ('//')
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johnalan Avatar
1 week ago
Bought this a while ago:

End game battery pack.
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sorgo † Avatar
1 week ago

Like it.

Given what Belkin did to Wemo, I will wait for Anker to create something similar.
And given what Anker did with Eufy, I won’t be buying from either.
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